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Solar Flare lives on my board these days, earth drive comes and goes - still a killer OD pedal
SF is one of the most versatile OD/dist pedals there is

I'm also running a strat into a DRRI.

I believe the solar flare is based on the MXR dist+
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So I have had the Earth Drive in my loop for a little while now, and have played with it, a lot recently. I actually just took the MXR Distortion+ out and replaced it with the EArth Drive, same position. I’ve had it like that the entire time now, I don’t even have the MXR Dist.+ plugged in atm.

I really like this pedal, it gives some fantastic OD tones. It also gives a nice almost clean boost, when you dial it in just right. Between it and using the Bugera PS1 to achieve OD tones on top of it, it is very versatile.

Tonight I think I am going to put the MXR back in the loop, just after the Earth Drive, to see what I am able to get with them both.

Anyhow, thought I would give a small update on how things are going.
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I’ve had the Earth Drive on my board for a few years, now, but haven’t commented on it because I don’t use any other OD pedals, so have nothing to compare. It’s second to last in my effects chain, right before delay, that way it colors anything else I might have engaged (just a wha-wha and Pigtronix Envelope Phaser, at the moment,) though mostly I use it alone as a slightly gritty OD. I also use an Xotic EP Booster at the front of my chain, always on and set somewhere between 10- and 2-o’clock depending on the guitar, essentially as a buffer substitute to help with a touch of signal boost and to push the envelope filter.

At times I increase the drive on the ED to push further into the grit, but lately I’m running barely any drive, a lot of volume, and tone just a bit left of noon on the dial. This gets me right in a sweet spot of slightly gritty drive on the edge of breakup without losing clarity or getting harsh highs.

Of course whatever amp all of this feeds into makes a difference, too. when jamming elsewhere it sounds great through my DRRI with Cannabis Rex speaker. Out here in the jam shed, I run it into a somewhat modded ’75 TR with a Celestion Copperback and a Cannabis Rex in it, and it sounds so good I have a hard time putting the guitar down. This setup is also very transparent and if I’m playing poorly, there’s nothing to hide behind.

One of these days I’ll record one of my looper jams to share as a demo. I’d asked if anyone here had used the Copperback before, and said back then that I’d provide a review once I’d tried it out. Just gotta get a round tuit!
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