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lbpesq wrote: Sat Jan 23, 2021 10:50 am I’ll be interested to hear about the Mooers. I’ve looked at them for a while, but was overwhelmed by the options ... I think they have something like 20-30 different amp versions! I’ve tried and sold the EHX 44 Magnum and Quilter Microblock power amp pedals. Both seemed more tuned for hard rock/distortion. The Vox MV50 mini amp was cool, it employs a miniature tube, but not enough clean headroom. (I’m always looking for a mini rig to use both for a backup and grab ‘n go jams).

The newer Quilter Interblock 45 looks interesting, but I don’t know anyone who has tried one yet.

My two bitches about these small units are 1) lack of reverb, and 2) honking big power supplies. I looked at the Carvin 100 pedal and the power supply looks bigger than the pedal itself! (Same problem with the Vox MV50).

These days, my small rig is a Quilter 101 Mini Reverb which I really like. I recently picked up a DV Mark Micro 50 II which I’ll be comparing to the Quilter when I get the time.

Bill, tgo
Bill you are correct about the Carvin power cord, but even with that it is smaller and has more power than the quilter. It is a very clean and transparent signal. Also you get the flexibility of hooking up different preamps to it, which you could do through the FX loop of the Quilter as well, but the Carvin fits right on the board. The Carvin is also half the cost of the Quilter. I sold my Quilter to fund the Carvin + the Super Black.
I thought the Quilter sounded good, but it sounded like a Quilter, not really the same as the Super Black, which replicates the Blackface tone (pretty well in my opinion) and with many options for tweak ability. If you tried it I’d think you’d be surprised, or at least I was. Not trying to pressure anybody though.
The Mooers look interesting to me as well, which is why I ordered the Two Rock version. Not sure if ever be able to afford a Two Rock but obviously have loved Kimock’s tone over the years, he’s like a tone god.
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gdrfk1990 wrote: Sat Jan 23, 2021 10:36 am I use the suncoast f2p. I spoke with the builder he said it's a clone of the Alembic f2b(dual showman BF Circuit) on channel 1 and channel 2 is a Bassman circuit. It gets a great tone..

I am curious about the effectrode it claims to be a BF circuit with a line out and a cab sim. as well. So you could send it into a power amp or right into the board / DAW ..

I send mine into a quilter 101 mini head and use a Wampler faux reverb for reverb > k120 it's an extremely portable rig.

I wouldn't get anything without a 12ax7... in the words of Brad No Tube No Tone...
The Suncoast looks awesome! Thanks for bringing that into the thread. I like tubes as well. Keep an eye out for my take on the Shiftline. It’s going for the Twin specifically, where as the Super Black is meant to be adjusted for various Blackface models. It has a single 12AX7 tube.
With the Sunvoast having two tubes I bet it sounds amazing. Are you going for Jerry tones, or just digging the small package Fender vibe?
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Yes the suncoast > Quilter gets a nice Jerry Tone. I went with the suncoast because I picked it up on reverb.com for $300 I was planning on using it as a portable backup rig I wound up Just using it as my rig. I picked up a phantom block as a backup.

This is the first I'm hearing of this Carvin sounds nice.. I am going to look into one
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Jon S. wrote: Sat Jan 23, 2021 8:13 pm Methinks Carvin should have included a bridge mode on its power amp pedal.
Yeah I was curious about that too, but the 50W into one speaker is plenty loud for playing at home. I hooked it up to both my JBL K120 and E120 at the same time and it was PLENTY loud. Not sure when I would ever need more power than that. But the Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 would be next in line in terms of $$ to power ratio at 170W. It actually only has one speaker output though so two cabs would need to wired together in parallel, but it would work if you wanted to say push an E120 to the extreme.

Question: if one were so inclined could they use a Y adapter to bridge the Carvin the old fashion way ? ... it can run 16, 8 or 4 ohm loads.
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