#171228  by lbpesq
Very tasty! I like the wooden inserts to make the neck single coil fit the humbucker rout. And I especially like the continuous wood backplate. You don’t see those on too many guitars. It’s one of my favorite features on my custom Alembic Further.

Bill, tgo
 #171229  by Jon S.
lbpesq wrote: Thu Jul 15, 2021 3:29 pm I especially like the continuous wood backplate. You don’t see those on too many guitars. It’s one of my favorite features on my custom Alembic Further.
And on my custom Philtone Jerrycaster:

 #171230  by augustwest1
thistle3585 wrote: Thu Jul 15, 2021 1:39 pm The cocobolo is gorgeous. Is the center strip padauk?
The center of the neck is padauk. It is close to the cocobolo in color/tone, but not as close as it appears in these photos.
 #171231  by lbpesq
Jon S. wrote: Fri Jul 16, 2021 7:35 am And on my custom Philtone Jerrycaster:

Nice wood backplate, but it doesn’t look continuous. On mine, Alembic used the actual pieces cut out of the back to make laminated control cavity covers with the original grain. I have three backplates for controls and batteries.

Bill, tgo

 #171232  by Jon S.
Very nice!

I dig the discontinuity on mine. I find it interesting. :wink:

BTW, the neck on mine is sapele-maple-padouk-maple-sapele. I designed it myself. I was shooting for stiff and immediate and that's what it is.

The best part of the neck, though, is that Phil Jacoby and I shaved it to my personal specs together, passing the guitar back and forth as Phil slowly shaped the neck per my requests until I deemed it perfect. I have other guitars whose neck dimensions and carves I dig, too, but this is the one I'd have buried with me if I believed in that sort of thing (I don't!).
 #171233  by lbpesq
I have a 1976 Alembic Series I guitar I picked up about 12 years ago. The neck was a “D” profile. I prefer a “C” profile. Alembic is only about an hour north of me, so I brought the guitar up there to have the neck re-shaped. They did it right in front of me so I could try it as it progressed and get it just right. I must admit it was a little disconcerting when I watched the plane take the first shavings of wood off the back of the neck!

Jon, your Cocobolo is yummy! And, coincidently, my Further also has Vermilion (aka Padauk) in the neck, along with Flame Maple and Cherry

Bill, tgo
 #171234  by Gr8fulCadi
Beautiful Wolf Augustwest!!! Stunning!

My Eagle has the continuous wood grain for the back plate and I prefer that. Mine has a binding around it but the grain is still matched.
 #171235  by Jon S.
Wow. This is the first guitar I've seen with a neck very similar to my own Philtone Jerrycaster. What are the woods on the far sides of the neck? On mine, they're sapele. I chose it because sapele looks like mahogany but have quotients of elasticity closer to maple.
 #171272  by Gypsykid136
Hi all….Sorry I’m a little late to the party. Life is crazy. Anyhow, I am the lucky recipient of this absolutely stunning guitar! This is the second guitar that I have received from Bob (aka augustwest1), my first being a Wolf replica that I got from him back in late 2017.
I really can’t say enough about this guitar, Bob’s work, and the craftsmanship that goes into these instruments. From the materials, to the build quality, to the fit & finish, and the set-up; absolutely everything is accounted for on these instruments; right down to the thickness of the top, back, and veneers so that they reveal themselves just right at the edge when they are rounded over some 137 steps later in the construction process. Combine with the fact that these instruments have so many intricate details and “layers”, creating something of this caliber is no small feat and I can tell you that they really do contend with the instruments out there that are two or three times the price both in detail, quality, and playability.
As you can probably tell, this guitar is a bit of a “Tiger in Wolf’s clothing” (or a “Wolf in Tiger’s clothing”?) and combines the details of each of those guitars that I like the most. I have always loved and admired Tiger (who here doesn’t…) but Wolf has always been my personal favorite and I wanted to create something that embodied both but was also something somewhat unique in itself. So when I approached Bob about creating something that was somewhat of a “hybrid”, I was overjoyed that he was on board for the project. And the result is nothing short of amazing!
One of my favorite features, as mentioned before, is the chambered body. I don’t think Bob or I could have guessed that it would have made much difference (being a smaller-sized/3-piece body)…but this guitar absolutely sings! Even when playing this guitar unplugged it resonates beautifully. (And to answer your question Neil, the overall weight of the guitar is somewhere around 9 lbs, which makes it an absolute treat to play for longer periods of time.) The neck shape/size is perfect to my hand and it is so comfortable to play. The action and fretwork is beautiful and smooth. Everything about this guitar is in perfect order. And then there is the gorgeous inlay work!!! All hand cut. And just amazing. It’s almost distractingly beautiful to play. I love the marquetry underneath the fret board…sort of like the pinstripe on a classic car, just a little something to catch your eye. I could go on and on…but the reality is that words just don’t do this guitar justice…it’s just something that you would have to play and experience to truly understand.
On a final note, I must say that Bob is an absolute pleasure to work with and patient beyond belief as there were far more decisions for me to make throughout the build process than with my previous guitar since it was a replica and many of the details were already spelled out for us. (And if the timing of this review tells you anything, I’m not the fastest moving creature on this planet. Haha.) He also offered some great ideas that really helped shape what this guitar has become. And I think the results speak for themselves. I have been thinking about this guitar for a long time, and it’s even better than I ever imagined. Thank you Bob!
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