#167552  by thistle3585
 Mon Jun 22, 2020 11:02 am
Thought I'd post some photos of my most recent four string mandolin tuned GDAE. Its a 14.5" scale and could also be tuned CGDA. Construction is maple and purpleheart. Its a hollow body with a block below the bridge. I used this as the "test" piece for my eventual full size guitar version. No obel. Just a passive system. Also, special thanks to Bob for his tips on the brass inlay on the top.
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 #167553  by Jon S.
 Mon Jun 22, 2020 12:07 pm
That is cool!
 #167555  by tdcrjeff
 Mon Jun 22, 2020 1:00 pm
Beautiful work Andrew. I don't play my tenor/OM nearly often enough, too busy playing drums.
 #167556  by TI4-1009
 Mon Jun 22, 2020 4:36 pm
That's Great!!!