#166759  by Banana Boat
Ok so I had a nice old original cone k120 that went out on me like 4 yrs ago. Never seized up just stopped working. Had a credible source tell me "well y'know all it takes is just one small short in the middle of the coil.... old speaker and all..." so Iaccepted it and stashed it in the closet and found another once no big deal.
Cleaning up today i stumbled upon it and hooked it up... dead at first.. but I tweaked my volume up and really banged the strings and it crackled through and came back.... went out once so I did same thing and it's been running nice an hour or so. Not getting my hopes up but this thing sounds beautiful!
Anyone have a similar occurrence or care to comment?
 #166760  by TI4-1009
Something interfering with the coil movement? Doesn't take much in there to keep it from moving. Maybe by cranking it you got it to move out of the way. I've reconed some stereo speakers and there's a really small gap around the coil. You set up tiny spacers while you glue the cone in.
 #166763  by czyfingers
I had a similar experience with an OE cone K years ago with the exact same symptoms and it turned out to be a break in one of the single strand wires under the black sealer on the cone itself. Right next to the dome. I think I figured it out first just by touching that spot when it quit and then confirmed it to be open with a meter when it was not working. I carefully scraped away the black sealer and put a tiny bead of solder across the suspect area, resealed and it’s still going strong about 8 or 10 years later. It’s a long shot, but you never know. I never expected the problem to be there of all places but it definitely was. Maybe just all the years of vibration stressed it enough to crack. Funny thing is, I almost shelved mine too right before I figured it out. I was happy I didn’t.