#166699  by nopunin10dead
Just saw webcast of Day 2, 12/28/19 Set I, LA Forum. Some interesting gear changes (from what I can see; the camera guys don't exactly dwell on this stuff!):

John: using a Dumble Overdrive Special I haven't seen before; this might be the third different Dumble I've seen him use. Running into what I'm guessing is a 2x12 cab with both speakers miked. Not using the Fender Vibroverb like he was earlier this fall (a Dumble lurked in the background then). Played the black Travis Bean to open with "Viola Lee Blues," then switched during the song to his PRS three-humbucker as VLB transitioned to "Bertha" (and then completed the sandwich with "Viola"; however, didn't switch back to the TB).

Bob: instead of Vox AC 30s, he's downsized to a Vox Night Train (!) plugged into what look like a pair of 1x12 cabinets (might be a Friedman badge on them?). Still using a Universal Audio Ox box in his rack, with the two iPads on a music stand to his right (displaying the speaker cabinet sims, I assume). There's what looks like a Mesa power amp in the rack as well. Used his Fender Stratocaster the entire set, with the Hoeg and D'Angelico on stands.

Forgot to mention that John is also rocking a black, vintage Members Only jacket!! LOL
 #166713  by nopunin10dead
Watched most of the first night in SF, 12/30 (couldn't stay up past the Drums/Space, with some regret).

John was using a different Dumble ODS than in LA. This one was a silver front with large, almost witch-hat knobs; the one in LA had three voicing switches on the right-hand side (when facing the amp) that the silver one lacked there, yet both were labeled "Overdrive Special." Stuck to the PRS most of the night.

Bob was using a Fender Stratocaster that seemed to have an ebony fretboard, which is interesting and uncommon. (I have G&L guitars in both S- and T-styles with ebony, which I quite like for its tone and smooth feel. Maple and rosewood are also great.)
 #166736  by jgraum
I went to both the LA shows. Really great shows, in my opinion. The Dumble sounded good. Nice and fat. Larger and fuller than the previous Vibroverb setup and Deluxe's before that. But the Bean really sounded the best in that setup. It has a fatness that the PRS just doesn't have. I was happy he played the Bean alot in both shows. Plus, it just looks fantastic being black and aluminum.

Both shows were incredible in set list structure and execution. The first night was clean and fairly streamlined. Especially the first set (night one). That was about the tightest I have heard D&C, yet. Night two was a whole different ballgame. Even the lot scene was different. More folks, wilder, dirtier, funkier. Dark Star was wild. Lights in the ceiling had been installed at the Forum at some time and when Bobby sang they all lit up...beautifully done.

Night Two in LA...there was a band in the lot/shakedown called The Alligators. All Pigpen material. As soon as they cranked up at 5pm, the whole place was energized. Whole lotta fun and a great way to get everyone moving before the show.

Another note...it was freezing both nights in LA. Way colder than I would've thought for LA. And I got to see Bill Walton! He was there on Night one. I'll get some pics out later.
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 #166738  by caspersvapors
John used a Dumbeland amp

I personally think his best tone so far with Dead and Co was when he used the Dumble ODS and Wolf. Obviously he cant use wolf again, but that particular Dumble sounded really good.
 #166742  by hotasaPistol
I saw both of the San Francisco shows and they were fantastic

I was sitting in the rafters both nights so couldn't really see the gear but the playing singing and song selection was incredible. I really enjoy the harmonies and Oteil is a secret weapon. Bobby falsettos again and that they are playing songs again that hadnt seen the light of day for years and the new little bits they added to some songs like at the end of Shakedown Street

If I am not mistaken there were no repeats for all four nights.

I like how they worked up the set lists with certain songs with appropriate references to where they were playing and spreading out the gems and favorites so each show had its special moments

I have been on the bus a long time and will probably take some heat but I think they are playing better than ever especially post Jerry.

My buddy and I haven't missed a Cali (except the LA shows in this past run because of holiday commitments) since they formed Dead and Co and I walk out of each show thinking they have only gotten better.

Also something magical about seeing shows in San Francisco......

Comin Comin Comin around.....in the circle
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