#166508  by healthy_scratch
Wow, thank you, everybody, for the invaluable feedback, which is really helpful as I am about to launch into to tweaking the chain. I did not know about the Volume pedal at the end to be used as to act essentially as an OBEL. I have an Ernie Ball Volume Pedal sitting gathering dust so I will slap it on to the end of the chain running directly into the amp. Also, I will try to move the Keely Dynatrem (Tremolo/Reverb) pedal after the Delay and right before the Volume Pedal to see how it sounds. For now, as I never use the Pitchfork (Octave) with the Proton Envelope filter and the Pitchfork seems to trigger and track well where it is, I will keep it put in the chain before the drive pedals and after compression.

The other thing I want to try is to use the MXR EQ to try to come up with a bit of a boost on the Proton. Even though it is at the front of the chain I find there are times that it lacks balls when soloing and you are bringing up the intensity level or just a mild boost to cut through the mix. Not sure if anyone has tried this. What happens if I jack up my main amp Volume then everything else on the chain is too loud even though I usually play at 7 - 8 with Guitar volume on the Strat but pretty well always play with Envelope at full volume. I tried the clean boost with Proton ENvelope Filter but it tends to distort. As the MXR 6 Band EQ just was put on the board last week I am going to try using this to step on to see if I can get a boost of the pure Envelope tone without distorting it but so far it has been mixed results though have not spent a lot of woodshed time to fine-tune yet. Not sure if anyone has had a similar experience here with using EQ with an Envelope filter to achieve a relatively clean boost of the Envelope effect without distorting it.

Thank you one and all once again for your welcome and helpful comments.

- HS
 #166510  by sugarinthegourd
With the volume pedal at the end of the chain you may need to think about whether you will have buffers or other pedals with low-Z output before it, and if so you may need a 25k volume pedal rather than the more common 250k that you most likely have...but try and it and see how it works.
 #166514  by lbpesq
Don’t forget that if you want to use a volume pedal at the end of the chain to accomplish the same result as an OBEL, you will need to keep your guitar’s volume at “10” at all times.*

Bill, tgo

* Of course if you are covering “Big Bottom” or “Stonehenge” you should turn your guitar to 11.
 #166709  by 8-6-71 for me
Two mutron ideas —

1. The mutron iii Gain knob is engaged even when the effect is “off”. This is THE sound for May 77. In fact Richard Lingenberger specifically modifies original mutron iii units to true bypass to REMOVE this... I have actually sent him mutrons to restore back to factory original to recover that gain stage in the signal. You can hear this effect conspicuously on the solo for TLEO 5/8/77.

2. While there’s absolutely no substitute for the original mutron iii, the salvation mods vivider is a way quieter octave and it cleans up the whole chain by swapping it for the mutron octaver.
 #166716  by Jblue76
SarnoMusicSolutions wrote: Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:20 pm guitar - Octaver - Mutron(Envelope filter) - Overdrive/Distortion - Phaser - Delay - amp

This really is a well tested sequence, and it worked great for Jerry. Dirt pedals must follow the octave and envelope filter if you want proper tracking and response, or if you want a result like Jerry had. I'm sure other sequences can be tweaked to do neat sounds, but it's a different result.

Where’s the Wah go? After the Mu-Tron and before the dirt?
 #166719  by TI4-1009
Where’s the Wah go? After the Mu-Tron and before the dirt?
I would think so, since it's just a different kind of modulation pedal. For Jerry, the wah was used mainly before the '75 break, the Mutron after.
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