#166351  by Gratefulsl
Hi everyone

Can we start a new thread showing Jerrys effects and order? Pictures of your rig would be great. Currently I have Polytune then mxr micro amp (boost) then Mutron iii,
then Boss Super Octave, then Boss turbo overdrive , Im still putting it together other pedals I have, including a digital delay, equalizer, and phaser (all boss)
 #166352  by PurpleTrails
Mutron III or Octave first, unless you're trying to use the boost in lieu of a blaster/OBEL setup in your guitar. Even then I'd be tempted to have that boost stacked before the OD and after the autowah/octave,
 #166353  by Pointclear
I have a
jhs morning glory >whirlwind gold box>electroharmonix pog2> qtron plus.
It serves me well. The pig and qtron work for all the octave and mutton work. The whirl wind gold box is classic mxr distortion, and the morning glory works well for stacking into the mxr and also can boost a bit going into the envelope filter.
 #166358  by PurpleTrails
Pointclear wrote:I think it is unusual for the dirt pedals to go after the octave and envelope filter pedals.
Weird, usual convention is to put filter effects first (wah, mutron, octave), then dirt, then time-based (delay, reverb, etc.). Found a few old threads here via google that tend to agree with that specifically for a Garcia board.
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 #166359  by lbpesq
Given that an envelope filter is VERY sensitive to input level, I would think if you put your overdrive/boost/distortion before the envelope, you would have to either adjust them to always use both at the same time, or never use both at the same time.

Bill, tgo
 #166360  by ChinaCatMatt
So I’ve been messing with my board tonight. I have chase bliss brothers in front of the microtron at the moment. That’s a dual channel gainstage pedal with boost overdrive and fuzz on both channels and you can run them in either series or parallel. So each channel has a 3 way toggle clean boost od or fuzz and I’ve been trying it all kinds of ways in front of the Mu-Tron and it just sounds better with it off going into the thick air. But I haven’t tried the thick air into it which would be more like a blaster going into it. Which would be more like what jerry would have done if he even had the blaster on when he was using the Mu-Tron. I just like the Mu-Tron first.

I have a ehx cockfight it’s a wah with fuzz and you can put the fuzz ore or post wah. And it’s kinda the same I like it after. Unless you’re going for some really specific Hendrix kind of thing it just sounds better after the filter. Using it with expression by the way. With out it in the cocked setting. Hence the name cock fight. It works because you’re not actively working the filter sweep. But the drive before filter messes with the sweep.

Now a touch of boost will help get the Mu-Tron triggered. But so does a good hard pick attack. That gives you the best control. It’s all in the right hand.
 #166364  by SarnoMusicSolutions
guitar - Octaver - Mutron(Envelope filter) - Overdrive/Distortion - Phaser - Delay - amp

This really is a well tested sequence, and it worked great for Jerry. Dirt pedals must follow the octave and envelope filter if you want proper tracking and response, or if you want a result like Jerry had. I'm sure other sequences can be tweaked to do neat sounds, but it's a different result.

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 #166480  by healthy_scratch
Hey everyone, a cool thread running here and one I am wrestling with as well myself presently.

This might be a stupid question but here it goes, so I have the Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork a pedal that I absolutely love. Now I used to refer to it simply as pitch-shifting as it does the Whammy stuff and a shit tone more. It is one of my favourite go to pedals for easily getting right weird.

That said, I guess after seeing everyone talking about pedal order here, and seeing the general consensus of the Octaver going first, I now realize my EH Pitch Fork is probably just an Octaver pedal and therefore as well I am wondering if I have it in the wrong place, though am questioning about how much further up in pedal order I can feasibly move it. Now I play plenty of other things than Dead but still, I do love playing Dead tunes and am a huge fan of Garcias clean and Mutron tones. My setup runs like this,

Fender 1997 US Custom Strat I put in a Lollar Imperial Pickup on the Bridge 18 months ago and have the standard Fender stock Single Coils in Mid and Neck that came with the guitar. This plugs into:

TC Electronic Polytuner -> Three Leaf Proton Envelope Filter -> Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah -> Origin Effects Slide Rig (Compression) -> Digitech Freqout (Feedback) -> EH Pitch Fork (Octave) -> Tube Screamer HW TS808 -> Big Muff Triangle -> Pro Co Rat -> EH Small Stone (Phaser) -> Keeley Dynatrem (Tremolo/Reverb) -> Digitech Ventura Vibe (Univibe/Leslie) -> MXR 6 Band EQ -> TC Electronics Flashback II (Delay) ->
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Having read this thread I am wondering tonally should I be moving things, in particular, the Pitch Fork, given the discussions here though I have not really noticed any issue with where it is. I mean the Proton, Clyde, Slide Rig and Feqout all explicitly said to run first in the chain according to their respective user guides, but I notice the Proton suffers most if not first after the tuner.

Anyhow, any opinions on how to optimize here sonically or based on best or percieved better practices are welcome. I am one of these people who find it tedious playing with pedal order on my own so I welcome your input.

 #166483  by sugarinthegourd
I'd say you want the Pitchfork before the dirt pedals, and it may help the tracking to have it after the compressor. But if you use it together with the Proton, you might just try isolating just those two and swap the order to see which sequence you like better. As I think you've discovered, the Proton is extremely sensitive (like all EFs, and how much depends on which version) to small changes in volume and attack. You may like the sound of the Pitchfork before it -- but if you find it makes it hard to trigger the envelope that'll kind of answer your question just based on feasibility.

 #166484  by ChinaCatMatt
I think you might also want to move the reverb to the end of your chain. This will make it act more like the built in amp reverbs since everything will hit it last. So try delay>reverb at the end of your chain.
 #166487  by lbpesq
ChinaCatMatt wrote: Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:48 am Also as Brad Sarno has mentioned you can get a good simulation of an obel by putting a volume pedal all the way at the end of your signal chain.
That’s what I do. Allows me to use my PRA WIC wireless.

Bill, tgo
 #166490  by PurpleTrails
Hey now, healthy scratch

The reason it's recommended to put an octave pedal first is that their main performance issue is tracking, and the less you have going on with the signal coming in usually the less problems you have with that. Same sort of issue tends to pop up with the sensitivity of envelope filters to slight changes in signal strength, which is why you want those near the front as well. Wah pedals have related issues, and fuzz doesn't generally work well after wah, though I forget the technical reasons why, so those are generally recommended to be at the front of a chain as well. It definitely complicates things when you are running multiple kinds of these effects.

I don't know about you, but I rarely engage both the octave and the EV at the same time, so I wouldn't worry about them moving in tandem. If the Pitchfork works okay in the middle of your chain, and you like what happens when you engage the pedals in front of it when it's on, I wouldn't necessarily move it.