#165675  by TI4-1009
No, I hadn't. Eastwood makes some decent stuff. BUT- a Wolf with no purpleheart?? I'd need to see some photos of one of them before I'd plunk down any money. The photos are of the real Wolf- not their take on it. Wolf has some unique "landmarks" and I'd want to see what Eastwood has in those spots first. But you can get it lefty!
 #165676  by ac4468
My expectation is that the body will not be a true hippy sandwich but a simple cap on top and back. The quilted top would have to be pretty thin too. I'd imagine the paddle will not have any laminations on the back as you really can't automate that. It will have a tune-o-matic setup and . Some of there stuffs pretty too. SO in the end you will have a Phred with real 5 piece neck-thru neck. Seems pretty well positioned between a Phred and a real custom. Unfortunately once you get up there in price it's a shame to not have the harmonica bridge and custom tail. Still, if they can pull it off at that price it will sell pretty well.
 #165699  by jgraum
The stuff that comes out of their custom shop tends to be better builds...diff factory etc.
For the price point, though, it's not too bad if someone wants to dip their toes in the jerry waters. The prices for most (good) replicas out there are really high for most consumers. And the Phreds, from what I hear, are pretty nasty. It'll be interesting to see what they produce.
 #166768  by ssmug
Just got the email from Eastwood that they're ready to complete orders.

Honestly, I'm kind of disappointed in the final product. The plain top makes it so bland looking. And I thought there was going to be a brass nut? If you're going to do a replica, do a replica, or at least get a little closer.

I mean, for the price I guess it's an okay-ish deal, but anyone else having second thoughts about pulling the trigger?
 #166770  by Alobar
The website said they upgraded to a brass nut and pup ring for the final product

UPDATE: We have now added photographs of the prototype. The following changes will be implemented in the final production:

Brass pickup ring and Brass Nut
more rounded radius on body edge like the original
slight amber tint to the maple body
 #166771  by ssmug
Ah, you're right. I thought I saw in the comments that they deleted it.

I just wish they got the tint closer to the original and at least had an option for a curly maple top.

I'm just really on the fence.
 #166773  by Alobar
I hear ya on the tint. For a true through neck I think the value is incredible. I bet they will be dang good for the price. Certainly better than the Phred models.

Are they limited edition?

I hope to pick one up used at some point to try it out.
 #166776  by paulinnc
Not bad for the price. the wolf I have was about that much when I had a luthier finish the build for me. However I had already bought all the wood, parts and had a neck already built by another builder named Doug Erwin, ironically. I just saw they are doing a Trey Anastasio tribute guitar as well.
 #166863  by jgraum
Couple pics of the Eastwood Wolf. Really great feeling guitar. Needs a good setup, but out of the box it played well.





 #166865  by Abide
Very cool! Mine should be arriving today! I've never plunked down that much cash for a guitar that I've never seen in person! Glad to hear you're satisfied! Any other opinions?

I'll try to post my thoughts this week!