#89567  by PNW_Dead
 Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:34 am
Hi gang!

I have a Troy Post guitar with the onboard preamp which I have used to go to my effects using a ring tip plug which goes to a female stereo connector. From there it plugs into a male ring tip stereo plug which splits to each side of the effects loop.

Trot included a cable but Im getting a terrible hum. I tried swapping out the cables but I'm worried the gauge is to light and unshielded and I'd also like to have one long cable which splits versus the two that I have now.

I'm also wondering if the hum could come from a low battery in the preamp?

Anyway anyone know where I could get a right angle ring tip which splits to two males and is say 20 feet?

Thanks for any help!
 #89601  by tigerstrat
 Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:01 pm
I still haven't figured out exactly what you are trying to do.
 #89606  by PNW_Dead
 Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:37 am
Just need the cable that runs from the guitar to the effects loop. That's it.

Guitar center nor any of the guitar shops in Seattle have anything like it as one cable.

As I tried to describe I have a two piece cable now:

- One male ring tip (TRS? I don't know the tech term) to female - goes from guitar to the second piece

- female trs to to two male 1/4 splitter - goes to each side of pedal board

Just looking for one robust cable to do what two are doing now --and I have what sounds like a ground hum which I hope will go away with a new cable.

I woulda figured someone found a source for these cables given the number of OBEL equipped rigs out there!
 #89612  by waldo041
 Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:35 am
what you need is as follows.

1 - mono cable, Tip/Sleeve, this is the guitar output cable that goes from the guitar to the amp/preamp. this is also the cable that turns the preamp on and off and needs to be mono to achieve the switching action needed.

2 - Stereo Cable, Tip/Ring/Sleeve, this is the OBEL cable and is 2 cables in one. it will have one side(a) for the send to the effects, and the other side(b) will be the return from the effects back into the guitar. to achieve the splitting this cable can be
(a) a stereo Y cable with one side as a stereo plug and the other end 2 mono plugs.
(b) a Y adapter which would use a standard stereo cable with 2 stereo plugs and the adapter would have 1 female stereo jack split to 2 mono plugs.
(c) or you can get a network box that is a tiny effect type enclosure with 3 jacks, 1 stereo jack split to 2 mono jacks.

either way you will not get a cable that has all three functions. ie.. mono output and stereo obel in one. a Tip/Ring/Ring/Sleeve jack and plug would be needed, but only come in 1/8" and too small for the rigors it will get. the other possibilty would be an xlr but the preamp switching becomes a problem in that regard.

the best option for the obel is (c).


you can PM if interested in a network box, and andrew at aoguitars.com can do the cables.

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 #89624  by DeadAheadNH
 Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:24 am
I had Gary at Gary's Guitars in Portsmouth NH make me a cable ... like 30-40 bucks I think ?!?!?
Its a Belden cable with 3 conductors - it splits to 2 right angle jacks (Mono & stereo) at the guitar and has three 1 foot whips at the end - 2 with mono jacks and one with a female jack that terminate at the pedal board. All connections are heat shrunk and the jacks are switchcraft.

The advantage is there's only 1 cable coming out of the guitar ... it goes to the pedal board.
Then regardless of where the board sits on stage I can find the proper length cable to hook it up to the amp. (using the female jack of my cable)
The whole thing is pretty tightly velcro'd on the board - like from all sides so that nothing shakes loose

I like it - its one too many sets of connectors but offers good versatility. Its easy too :peas:
 #89854  by PNW_Dead
 Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:24 am
Thanks to all who helped me get my bearings on this topic! Much help and education and as someone said you just gotta poke around!

I really like the balance the preamp has on effects the OBEL setup is so worth it IMO but the cable issue has been frustrating! The network box solution seems the smartest as Waldo and others pointed out.

To Pete B - I really like the Troy Post guitar. I should do a write up. The woodwork is really good. My only critiques are as follows:

1) Wish the fretboard was a little sexier with some more inventive fretboard markers
2) Troy used a black pickup frame around the three humbuckers. It looked good when delivered but it wasn't too long until I found out it was actually a white piece of plastic painted black from like a craft store. It has pick scratches all over it and is pretty unsightly at the moment. I'd recommend anyone considering his guitars to insist on non painted items such as solid brass or metal. Or at least molded black plastic versus paint.
3) I think I'd space the toggles out a little more. When you are playing and want to go from no effects clean to the effects loop (which I do frequently) you can fumble a bit with the close proximity.

But it plays really well, is nice and light and is unique and overall I'm satisfied. I should write a more formal review!

I think Troy will only get better at his craft with these guitars and hope he sees my positive critique!

Peace all and again thanks for the help!