#63705  by xero92
Does anyone have an instructional video for this song? Actually it would even be a huge hand just to see somebody tab out the chord voicings they use for different parts of the tab. Not quite sure exactly what to do with this song to bring it closer to home. Much thanks!
 #63717  by NashvilleMike
C7sus4 xx3311 C7 C7sus4 C7

Nothin' shakin' on Shakedown Street

Am I the only one that thinks this part doesn't sound right? I've tried it on the 3rd fret, the 8th fret, bars, triads- It just sounds wrong The rest of the song is groovy but this part...Maybe Billb could put up a quick video on the chorus?
 #63735  by Emoto
It isn't just a regular C7 on the 3rd for that part?
 #63736  by sack the wack
I throw the C7sus4 in for one quick beat and sort of hold it before switching back to the C7. I am solely an acoustic player and not looking to replicate exactly what the band did. The C7sus4 gives it that "bump" feeling which of course the song was a parody to begin with. I preface the C7 with a quick C blues lick also. Guess it all depends on what you are trying to achieve.
 #63737  by tigerstrat
sack the wack wrote: of course the song was a parody to begin with.
A parody! I never knew that. Kinda like Al Yankovich?
 #63741  by sack the wack
Well, maybe not in the literal sense like Weird Al but if you harken back to when that album came out, there was a particular style of revolting music that usually required a revolving mirrored ball and 6" platform shoes....
 #63751  by amyjared
Good instructional video for this on the first Dead DVD Legendary Licks. Check it out.
 #63763  by Billbbill
fwiw here are the forms i'm leaning on in our audio of this

In order of appearence 8)

Here's the audio file...again :smile:

http://mysite.verizon.net/vze6pfva/site ... kedown.mp3

I don't do the C7sus4

In looking at jdarks scale citings I was scratching my head a bit...been meaning to sit down with my gitbox and his take to look into it more.

Here's another thread where we had previously had scale discussions on this where I'd laid out my thinking...which is an ever evolving phenomenon. :lol:

http://www.rukind.com/forum/viewtopic.p ... +shakedown