#52347  by jeffm725
pappypgh wrote:WOW, this IS an old thread!!

Brent Mydland turned this song on its ear. The list goes on and on and on....

7/15/88, 9/18/87, 11/2/85 (out of space - SICKNESS!), 10/8/89...come on, people. Did Brent EVER play this song using piano sounds? No. Why? Because this song is BEGGING for a thundering, ripping, ear-scorching,.........................
(albeit a year too late!!) :roll:

Actually...yes, Brent did play this song without the hammond...and one of My favorites no less (because it was so unique)....6/28/85 Hershey Park...Brent was on the Dyna-Rhodes for most of it...he may have embellished with the organ at the end...but that was predominantly a piano dew and it is stunning....It was a cold raining mist in the middle of the summer (Jer comes out in a purple sport coat) and Brents piano tickling just fit the environment perfectly..........

Now you want the quintessential Brent on Hammond Dew?! Look no further than 3/24/86 Philly Spectrum...during the build up when they would come around for the "F" ,Brent would wind up from the Bottom of the B3 and hit every Key until hitting the "F" at the top of the B3 right on the beat. He did it through at least 3-4 passes. It sounded like an airplane taking off and the roof was going to blow off the spectrum.
This Dew was so powerful (it came out of space) that they played NOTHING after it. Drums> Space> Sicko Dew and then show over (well ...... Midnight hour encore)...this night also featured the last GD Lost Sailor

also, debate whether or not 5/8/77 as a whole is overrated (probably is) but the Dew from that show is some of the most stunning music EVER created by ANYONE......
 #52362  by sillydog2
Ohhhhhh, I was at the show in Philly in 86, that Morning Dew was Epic. We were up on the top balcony in the front row, dead center about as far away as you could be. They had these blue lights shining up from the stage to us and we could not even see the crowd below....but we could hear them, the energy was incredible. The organ was swirling and building, they hit a nice peak and the place went nuts. There was really there was no other option for them but to walk off after that. Another fun night. Check it out if you get a chance, there is even a YouTube video of this somewhere.
 #52363  by Dozin
Another vote here for SPAC
 #52415  by mttourpro
I saw both hershey and the philly dews as well. I give the nod to hershey just because Phil bombed the hell out of it, and, overall vibe of that rainsoaked show will always be one of my favs.

As for organ vs keys on the tune, I go with keys. More "space" for band interplay and easier to be subtle throughout the the organ for the end I think.
 #52419  by tigerstrat
I'm listening to Hershey right now and it's ALL B-3. What gives? :cry:
 #52422  by mttourpro
tigerstrat wrote:I'm listening to Hershey right now and it's ALL B-3. What gives? :cry:
GoonyBirds can do funny things to a person and their memory..... :D
 #52423  by jonarobb
tigerstrat wrote:I'm listening to Hershey right now and it's ALL B-3. What gives? :cry:
All I hear is the Hammond, no piano at all. Blistering Dew. Nice excuse to pul it up. I was at this show and all I remember was the rain.
 #52424  by tigerstrat
OK he plays a little bit of Rhodes in the quiet part of the coda jam.

By the way for a hot 85 Dew ck out 11/22!
 #52430  by jonarobb
tigerstrat wrote:Here's a SMOKER of an '89 Dew: ... nf_vbr.m3u (check the double-length solo... and the absolute sickosity of the finale B-3 swells)
You're not kidding. That double pass on the solo is unique.

Brent is basically, how do you say? Off the charts on the outro!!!

Love Jerry's voice on this one. Was at this show as well but could tell you nothing about it.
 #52545  by jeffm725
tigerstrat wrote:I'm listening to Hershey right now and it's ALL B-3. What gives? :cry:

Hey why should I let fact get in the way of my highly romanticized remebrance :D ........I made a point of NOT listening back to it before posting just because of that, I knew as soon as I posted I was gonna fry :oops: . ....

Anyway, my memory of the piano/rhodes was always from the ending coda and on to the end......and comparitively to other dews of that era, it is different. During the build up from the real quiet passages it is all rhodes and it is tasty as hell.
 #59220  by kenneybonz
Ha , I'm in a revive a great thread mood this am.
Yesterday I was listening to 5/18/77 and just love that reminds me of another song but I can't put my finger on it, but it's very Terrapin Station album style.. if that makes any sense...
It's the famed Fox Theater show in hotlanta and a miller soundboard at that.. ... 012.flac16

on the subject of hershey park, i read a few rain soaked posts.. we sold our tix outside the show and went into the park and bribed the dudes running the ferris wheel, which has covered round seat things, and watched the show from there.. each time they took us down to put someone on the other side, when we'd come back up, we'd come over the side of that barn and the noise would hit us like something out of apocolypse now.. we DID get out to dance on the stage at chocolate st or cocoa ave or something like that, to a phil numba which i think was something like desolation dusting off the neurons and what not..
going to the charlottesville and dc shows this week.. woo hoo... got some of that 20 buck scalped ticket paid 20 bucks to see DSO several times last year.,. :lol:
 #59227  by bodiddley
So is 20 bucks for DSO good or bad?...Just kiddin. I think the last time I saw them around '99 or 2000 I payed $14.00.
 #59275  by kenneybonz
YES>>> DSO is a freaking steal at 20 bucks too.. they are terrific.. i totally dig their act.. in fact throw in boombox and a quarry in ohio and july 4th and I can increase that price a lot ( go gratefulfest)..
we just chuckle here that dso gets 20/25 a show, but phil here last year was 15.
all of it was terrific!!!!!!
we are all just so fortunate to get all this great
 #59286  by tigerstrat
I got an idea :idea: - let's just make every thread about DSO.
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