#40009  by cuznt
for your ipod you can download wma and put it on (ipod converts it) but makes an incredibly small foot print for a 2 - 3 hour show. you can fast forward to songs only. kind of limited, but on a long drive (i do that a lot) i have 16 hours on my 2 gig ipod and it is not full yet. food for thought. :x

 #40095  by Chuckles
Problem is, a Mac doesn't give an easy solution for converting WMA to iTunes format. Spent a few hours downloading before I discovered that. Pisses me off, I tells ya. :twisted:

 #45418  by LazyLightnin
cuznt, sweet bus btw!
 #60047  by Jimmy
It's small because its 40kb/s. Horrible quality. What you PAY for and download from iTunes is horrible quality and that's 128kb/s.

I'm a bit of a quality whore, though I suppose.

I've got a full 80G iPod and 650G of music on an external harddrive, though. So I'm a bit of a music whore in general, too. :peas: