#26279  by CEaston140001
I was talking to a Deadhead friend of mine and he said that some of the Little Red Roosters get pretty nasty. I was just wondering what some of the good, nasty ones are. (Nasty is meant in a good way, of course).

 #26282  by BlobWeird
I like the song but I dont go out of my way to listen to em so I dont really have any favs. Dead set has a good one so I guess thats my fav.

 #26293  by Henry
I like the one on DP 13 kinda better than Dead Set, and the one from the Rockpalast show was also pretty good.

 #26303  by shakedown_04092
If the Dead play LR Rooster at a concert and nobody cares, does it really happen? :lol:

 #26307  by lostsailor8782
Gave me an opportunity to load up some diggity dank and get ready for a Jerry song

 #26313  by jdasa
Personally, I prefer none of them.

And that may be the only song the Dead played that I can say that about....

 #26361  by AugustWest
I like the rooster. Not a favorite but I catch myself singing it from time to time. hampton 89 has a good one. Great death don't have no mercy on that show as well.
 #168800  by TI4-1009
Best Little Red Rooster is an oxymoron.
 #168802  by Jon S.
At least post-Pig, the Dead were in no way a true blues band.

I personally also never found them able to convincingly cover any of Chuck Berry (especially, I hear none of Chuck's special swing in their versions).

But it's still the Dead.

I wonder if you actually listened first to the segment of the video I posted with Jerry on slide. If not consider giving the video, starting at 15:10, a brief try. (In my first post, I said start at 14:40 - that's when the song begins with Bob on slide - but Jerry picks up the slide at 15:10).

I play slide myself. With my current band, for example, on our ABB covers, I handle Duane's parts.

I'm in no way an excellent slide player (yet) - adequate would be more accurate - but I know enough to know one when I hear him.

Jerry's slide on the LRR version I shared is really nice. :D