Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #175608  by barefootdave
I bought this guitar in 2014 (on this forum) and it is truly spectacular. Serial number is 2112 which is one of the reasons I got it, if you are my age you know the significance of that number.

Very lightweight (full hollowbody rather than semi-hollow like a 335) with a 5A curly maple stained in a tastefully subtle sunburst with a yellow-red fade that is tough to capture in the photos - it’s a “more gradual” color shift in person. Lollar Imperial pickups, Brazillian rosewood fingerboard, pickup rings, and headstock, the knobs are cocobolo - gold hardware, medium jumbo stainless steel frets with virtually no wear at all... this thing is stunning. The neck is a dream, Scott was responsible for carving necks by hand at Santa Cruz Guitar Company before he went out on his own years ago.

You can see that I am also letting go of my Moriarty Wolf, these guitars just need to be in someone else's life who will play them and enjoy them more than I do - my life is almost exclusively acoustic now.

I considered keeping them to hang on the wall and look at, but that just seems wrong to me. There will also be other listings when I have time to post them - a couple of JBL E120 speakers, my MC250, etc. Building a “war chest” to get the new limited edition 000-45 that Bonamassa has been talking about recently.

You can see the original Walker build sheet and photos here: ... 8pmzc&dl=0

New guitars from Scott like this one will be around $15,000 and I am asking only $8,900 - shipping is on you for whatever method you prefer. Not sure what the waitlist time is currently, last I heard it’s about 4 years - you can have this one now!

I will list it here over Memorial Day Weekend and I am taking the family on vacation for a couple of weeks, if it doesn’t sell here by the time we get home (and I don’t change my mind) it will go to Reverb and will likely be at the 10k level. RUKind members get first crack and a better price… I will be responding to emails while on vacation but won’t ship this until I return to Florida.