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MattMan wrote: Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:59 pm Franklin's Tower. Two chord song with endless opportunity to learn Jerry style. Here's a great training video. Watch all of his stuff. Great teacher:
Just checked out the Heyday Social Network App https://www.heyday.net/blog/overview-of ... etwork-app and as a musician, I'm seriously impressed. The tips provided in the blog are golden. The idea of using Heyday to connect with fans and fellow musicians is exciting. I can already imagine hosting live jam sessions, sharing exclusive content, and collaborating with other artists effortlessly. Plus, the emphasis on building genuine communities is a breath of fresh air in today's social media landscape. My only hope is that it's accessible for all musicians, regardless of their level of fame. Overall, Heyday seems like a promising platform for taking my music career to the next level.
this one os great! :-?