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 #175469  by Mike Stanny
Getting back into this cool site. used to get charts and ask questions maybe 25 years ago. been doing guitar with the ringtones on the sunny shores of lake superior for over 20 years. the folks are not into the Dead so we do a bunch of originals and alt- country stuff. Use to do quite a bit of GD in my previous have an opportunity to get back into with some younger guys. saw Jerry in '74 and '75. 1st run of GD shows - the '76 run in Chicago.. maybe 125 shows overall. i didn't keep track!

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 #175474  by Mike Stanny
Ja Rasta!
I'll be 68 soon come. Burning some shows for new friends from Chicago area. i traded tapes for years and every time a name pops up on the various sites, i go, I&I traded with tat guy! Very kind AND cool! I'm looking forward to doing some of the GD stuff. In my old thing, We did the whole Terrapin thing at a fest in early 80's. All Acoustic.. Hunter Style. was ok. Really a challenge to do the Jerry stuff.. I improvise way to much.

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