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Hey, friend. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be an accurate layout. I always use Waldo's layouts but I've actually never seen that one before.

Please make the following changes:

9V negative goes to 12b Output Jack RING
"White wire" goes to 12b Output Jack TIP

Good luck!
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cyrusj83 wrote: Mon Mar 04, 2024 1:32 pm Hey, friend. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be an accurate layout....

Good luck!
Hey thank you for the reply! I appreciate you looking over this.

I drew this up myself from the more basic OBEL/buffer diagram Waldo has on his site while referencing the layout info for the OBEL from Jerry Tone Store - thankfully (or maybe not since I'm still unsure of what's wrong) since the OBEL jack was prewired, my guitar is in fact wired in the way you stated and not based on my diagram. I had a friend do the soldering so I wanted something to hand him to make it a little easier.

I'll see if I can update the image with your noted changes. Thanks again for looking.
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You’re welcome! I also hate soldering and took my old guitar to a pro to wire up like Tiger but he couldn’t do it right and I was always having problems so I forced myself to learn how to do it. Still not great at soldering but it’s a rewarding learning experience. It took me about 18m of constant soldering, gutting, and starting from scratch to realize I had the OBEL jack wired backwards.

If you wanna DM me or something I can draw you up a shitty schematic.