#175437  by caspersvapors
I think we can all agree and hear with our own ears that the modern reverb pans simply dont have the same sound as the old ones. Theres too much and too long of a decay compared to the old Accutronics pans.
Ive found two different modern pans that claim to do what the old ones do.

one made by Surfy Industries (who make great stuff)
https://www.surfyindustries.com/store#! ... y=40847028

and one made by Waldo
https://jerrytonestore.com/store/p/wald ... everb-tank

Anybody tried either of these? The Surfy pan is spec'd out to be a "shorter" long decay pan. While the Waldo is a "medium decay" pan. Dont these both become the same thing at a certain point? LOL. The Waldo is also more expensive than the surfy.
 #175439  by Slewfoot2000
I actually grabbed one of the Waldo reverb tanks from Jay and love it. I had just bought a vintage Deluxe Reverb and the reverb had a bit of a stutter / flutter thing to it. I prefer more of a reverb haze and this pan does that perfectly.

He should be getting more in soon it seems.
 #175440  by Phrygian
A while back I had to replace an Accutronics pan in a BF Fender amp that was beyond repair. I was not happy with the resulting sound of the new unit and spoke to an Accutronics engineer. He suggested that I put the old springs in the new unit. I did and got the results I was hoping for.
 #175444  by Gr8fulCadi
I built a Mojotone Super Reverb years back and the pan they supplied was just ok, as described above, too long of a decay. The tone of the decay was not great either.

I purchased the Surfy pan and prefer that much more. Shorter decay and a better overall sounding pan.

Didn’t know Waldo made a pan, sweet!
 #175446  by 19deadhead65
I've loved my repro Accutronics tank from Waldo/Jerry Tone Store! It is the perfect tank, offering a lush reverb while being quick and precise in decay. It's far better than any MOD/contemporary tank (that i've tried) out there!

I must also add that Waldo/Jerry Tone Store (Jay) are great to work with and are entirely stand-up guys ready to help and answer questions at the drop of the dime! Genuinely happy to have such a fantastic product and experience with such great people!
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 #175498  by Tacosauce
I bought a Surfy Bear Surfy Pan V2 a few weeks ago to pair with my Sarno CTP, in the hopes it would be an improvement over the digital reverb on the CTP. Been really digging it so far. It is easily tweakable, and I’m finding that keeping the dwell around 3 is about all I need. You can usually find a decent used one on Reverb for under $300.

Been eyeing those Waldo tanks to put into my vibrolux, will probably grab one soon.