#175431  by Lando
Hi all,
I'm currently interested in making a sort of stratoblaser to cram into my guitar, and after doing some research I've come upon a question i thought you guys could help me with:
I've found several schematics for different stratoblaster replicas and I'm trying to understand if theyre intended to have an entire dedicated pot, instead of an SPDT switch. Mind you, I'm dumb and barely understand circuitry, but I get the rest of the design; I simply dont know if the pot is necessary, or just an option for ajustable gain.

(the 50k in the middle)

(this one i understand has a switch but i see also has the 50k pot)

The guitar's an HSH frankenstein (originally HH les paul-ish clone), which I've been gigging for a while, but find the single coil I installed simply doesnt match the volume of the humbuckers and gets completely overtaken when playing loud. My plan is to use the stratoblaster just for the single coil, so it can cut through and actually be heard in the louder jams.

Sorry for the long and confusing post, take care yall !! :rockon:
 #175432  by lbpesq
The original Alembic Stratoblaster, as well as most of the ones I’ve built, employ a little trimpot. (I usually set mine at about unity gain). I have replaced the trimpot a couple of times with a push/pull pot, turning the Blaster on/off and controlling the gain.

Bill, tgo
 #175442  by Chocol8
The pot is necessary. Technically, you could replace the pot with a fixed resistor, but given variations in all the components, you would most likely want to build it with the trim pot, set the gain where you want it, then measure to find the necessary resistor value.

Just build it with a pot.

If you want on off switching, consider a mini-toggle wired for true bypass.