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 #174344  by Jon S.
Concert tickets even for the bands I love, when at large venues and polluted by Ticketmaster, have reached the inelastic portion of my personal demand curve.

D&C are playing local to me on June 3. I get back from a month in Israel on May 30. I'll check for resale tix then. If I don't find anything reasonable, I may head to the venue the day of the show and try to buy tix then or just skip the show.

I'm not one of the folks bothered by how D&C differ from the Grateful Dead or the tempo at which they play the songs. It's not the Grateful Dead - we all agree on this - so why expect them to be? But I am bothered by the price gouging. It won't stop happening until we stop buying.

Please don't mistake this for stopping supporting working musicians. I go to plenty of shows still, it's just that, now, it's almost exclusively smaller local and regional acts and venues.
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 #174345  by NeilG1
Agree completely.
I hate to wade in to this stuff. But honestly, I find it offensive.
 #174346  by Chocol8
100% with you Jon S. I will frequently drop $60-80 per ticket to see smaller acts maybe double for a bigger show I really want to see. I actually spend more than that supporting a couple young performers on Patreon. I might have gone to $250 for this particular show, but that's about my limit, the prices they are asking are well beyond what a few hours of entertainment are worth, especially since I would be paying for two tickets.

FWIW, I don't expect them to be or want them to be the Grateful Dead, but I do expect them to provide entertainment that doesn't bore me to death or put me to sleep. That has become a struggle recently. Oh well.
 #174347  by lbpesq
I was at the official unveiling of the WOS, the "Sound Test" at San Francisco's Cow Palace on March 23, 1974. We got a 30 song show, including the first "Cassidy" and the first "Scarlet Begonias". After the show, we got oranges and croissants for breakfast. On the way out, we received a mini LP with four new songs from upcoming albums by Garcia, Hunter, Keith & Donna. Ticket price? $4. Admittedly, that was a long time ago, but it's still only $24.27 in today's money.

Someone on another site posted that it would be cool if Dead & Co. recreated the 1977 set list at the Barton Hall show. My response is that the concert would be 15 hours long!

No shade on D&C. I'm just not going to pay a butt-load of money, deal with huge crowds and risk my health for any Grateful Dead cover band.

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 #174348  by Chocol8
My tickets for the final tour (not that I knew it at the time) were all about $30-33 in 1995, which translates to about $60 today. Before In the Dark was released in July 1987, and the sudden surge in popularity, tickets were $18-20 which is about $50 today. I was still In diapers for that Cow Palace show, so I'll have to defer to Bill on that era!