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I’ve been lurking around the forums for a little while and figured I’d finally join.

I’ve been into the Dead since 2015 when I stumbled upon news reports covering the Fare Thee Well tours and, while I didn’t attend any of the shows, my interest was peaked. After listening to “In the Dark” and “Without a Net”, I’ve been riding the bus ever since. The Brent era is my favorite era of the band, especially 1987-1990, early 80s are good too.

I’m a younger generation of Deadhead at 24 years old. Listening to the band in its various forms has inspired me to finally trying learning to play guitar again. Especially after seeing Dead and Co this past summer in Boulder and Chicago.

Currently playing on a MIM Strat to a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, been getting some good tones out of the setup. Hope to get good enough one day to justify investing in a Tiger or Rosebud-esque guitar
that I would never want to put down.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to have some friendly discussions about the band this forum is dedicated to!
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Hello to everyone. It's nice to be here guys.