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I've got a new feature out there, which has been a frequently asked item. You can now view tabs by Grateful Dead albums. To get to it, there is a linkon the top of the main page (right hand side) that says "Tabs by album".

Note, I just thought I'd put this out there today, and it probably has some errors, which you all are great at finding.

It's the same technology as the set list finder, so all my favorite new web 2.0 words apply (AJAX, DHTML, etc)

Some Caveats: Its just a list of the songs on the albums, and not a complete discography. Meaning, the Dead rereleased many albums with bonus tracks. I have the unique bonus tracks listed, but not all the tracks on the album.

For the most part, the songs and albums are in proper order, but there are some cases that this is not true, I am fixing that.

When you click on a tab, it will post an image of the albums that this song can be found on. If you click on that, you'll head to Amazon. This section does need some work, I am just trying to think how to do it.

I don't have the dick's picks in yet. And some of the albums listed (like Dylan and Dead or the sets) don't have listings.

Have fun!


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thanks man. thats some good stuff.

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you might be working on fixing this too, but under "blues for allah" it says you dont have stronger than dirt, but on the regular tabs section, you do have "king solomons marbles".

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Thank's for the tip phreaker. I have take my kids to a birfday party, I just realized I needed to update another table, so some songs are missing. I will do that when I get back...

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Dylan tabs are back!

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confusions_prince wrote:Dylan tabs are back!

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jck_strw wrote:
confusions_prince wrote:Dylan tabs are back!
Tabs list, man.
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Well done brother,its my favourite place to learn,you done something glorious,Respect my dead friend,Thankyou. :hail: