#130434  by Dozin
I use to have Archive.org bookmarked on my iphone but it was extremely difficult to browse shows that I didn't use it that much. I ended up bookmarking the shows that I liked. Last night I stumbled across this great app and thought I'd share. This app is awesome! so easy to use and browse anything on Archive. Within the app you can save shows to your favorites category. It just made my life better with all these great live recordings at my fingertips.

http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/sta ... rId%253D30

 #154934  by MattMan
In the Play Store the app is called Deadhead Archives. A few comments: All shows on Archive.org show up but you won't see the recording info unless you touch hold on the show so that it opens in Archive.org. You can then touch hold to save the show in your favorites. Pretty cool app.
 #154936  by ac4468
I use the eTree Mobile app for the iPhone to stream from the Archive. Has acceptable searching and sorting capabilities and remembers recent played shows, bands and songs. It's great to have access to 10,000 live dead recordings in the car!
 #155828  by chaturvedi98765
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