#156995  by waldo041
 Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:52 pm
shadowboxer wrote:Does anyone have an opinion on using a buffer on top of a buffer? If your boss pedal has a buffer, does that change your initial buffered sound at all?
The answer is, it is possible. If it is only one or 2 buffers you may not hear the difference, but the more you stack the more tone is being sucked out of your clean signal. The subject is called True Bypassing.

 #157090  by Brandon Bowlds
 Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:30 am
I like the OBEL/buffer mostly because of having master volume control over the whole rig at my fingers.
I like running the amp a bit louder and using the guitar vol on 8-9 most of the time, leaving a bit of headroom but still getting full effect out of my pedals, especially the overdrive/distortion. I realize the impetus originally was to get consistent results out of the Mutron but I know when I started using the OBEL I felt like I had more control over volume, dynamics and my distorted lead tones than using a traditional rig. It has spoiled me. The Jerry rig setup just gives me a bigger palette of clean headroom/volume/distorted tones, not to mention a better envelope filter results. Part of that is the amp setup but the OBEL/buffer works hand in hand.