#136527  by Jon S.
 Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:14 am
Sweet! And do I detect a hint of Dickey (he's a huge influence on me, too)? :)

P.S. Why does everyone cut their faces out of these videos?! :P
 #136535  by James-T
 Tue Feb 11, 2014 8:21 am
Hey thanks. Funny the backing track I copped off he Internet was called an Allman bros jam! I'm not one to cut out my face, I just didn't have my usual iPhone stand and didn't realize I was so close in. I admit the headless thing is kinda wired!

Greg's Guitars. He does the best videos hands down. He's got a camera man. Totally pro.

I listen to a lot of Allmans, Trey, and Dead, so it wears off on my style. It's definitely not your standard GD backing track.


James :smile:
 #136579  by Marlow
 Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:10 pm
Great playing, great tone!

After seeing your vid, I've ordered a RWRP SDS-1 off the Bay to be the mid in my new build. It's a relief to hear that an SDS-1 doesn't have to sound like the sorry old clunker I have. That early '78 tone is one of my favourites, but I'd given up, thinking it required some unknowable combination of amp and speaker. Thanks for posting!
 #136581  by James-T
 Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:23 pm
Hey now Marlow!

Thanks for the kind words. In response to Jon's comments I felt kinda bad being the headless guy, and also wanted to dig into some more Jerry licks so here's just one more little demo for folks interested in the SDS-1. Found a cool backing track on the internet. My playin' is pretty sloppy but again I think its a "good enough" demo. Just to make things a bit more interesting I took that same backing track and did a sister demo of my PRS Torero. Look for that under a separate thread.

Listening to some more early 78 stuff like the Eyes from Madison I think Jerry used his neck SDS-1 more than one might think. Just a hunch, and the debate still rages on this forum that the Wolf ever had SDS-1's in it. There's a lengthy thread with plenty of volley's on that topic. I think in the ned only about three of us were even reading the stuff posted!

Peace :smile:


 #136590  by jenkins
 Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:04 am
There's a damn good possibility i just got lucky with the SDS-1in my a axe. It's a 98 LP Studio double cut that actually has 24 fret neck, that was one of the reasons i chose it because for some reason the fret board just makes more sense and I can play it better. I want to measure but I think i might've gotten lucky with that pickup placement because it sounds awesome to my ear, i was so stoked when I got it back, it went from a guitar that wasn't touched for 2 years to a guitar that I've played non stop for 5 years. I wanna try other bridge and neck pups but im stupidly & almost superstitiously afraid to get anything done to the thing cuz im afraid it'll lose its tone that I love.

Something else about this particular guitar is it's really small and has a maple top, i think its actually all maple so it's naturally a really bright guitar. I truly believe a split super 2 would sound too thin in this axe, prolly a split dual sound too.

Garcia's tone had clarity and it had balls, there's a certain edge to the sds-1 that I just love. On a different axe w different setup and tone woods they might not have enough high end clarity. As with anything ymmv, always remember that the smallest factor can have a major impact.

Although i do think wolf 2.0 with the 3 SDS-1's was Garcia's ultimate tone, jmo.

And I gotta post a tone clip to see what you guys think.
 #136592  by hippieguy1954
 Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:09 am
TI4-1009 wrote:Interesting. I think we discussed this a lot in that thread about splitting a Super 2 into a single coil. If you look at the Dimarzio tone guides for each pickup, the Super 2 is skewed toward treble 8/6/4, and the SDS is skewed more toward the bass 5.5/6/7. Both are ceramic magnet, and both are Dimarzio, but they shouldn't sound the same.

I put an sds-1 in the neck position in this Tigerized Carvin (which I'm using a lot). I did it because I wanted to try one and because that is what Tiger has in that spot. The sds-1 sounds great and I like it in that position, but as pointed out by TI4-1009, it is not anything like the Super2.
 #136682  by James-T
 Sat Feb 15, 2014 12:34 pm
Hey Jenkins. Thanks for the post. I'd love to hear a clip. I'm thinking if you read my last PRS post the same as you. The super 2 is a bit thin in some guitars. The SDS is seriously under rated. But it won't give you modern Jerry tone. It filld the gap between vintage and modern.


 #137042  by tatittle
 Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:39 am
Just for the record the DiM site says SDS-1 was introduced in 1978.
 #137048  by wleeds
 Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:37 pm
can you post a clip with the sds-1 going into the blues deluxe without the buffer at the front?
You have me rethinking my sds-1....again

btw - peace and your place looks beautiful. I'm heading out that way this summer

DOY - 8) mark
 #137072  by James-T
 Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:13 pm
Hey Mark,

DOY its like WOD, took a bit to get it. Folks out there, check out Days of You. Sounds like Wilco, great Toronto band!

I'm gonna get to this soon. Come visit and sit in with WOD if you are here over a Walk-on Dead gig weekend.

Peace, :smile:

 #137853  by James-T
 Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:40 pm
Well Mr. M,

I'm glad you tempted me to go up on the mountain and grab my amp out of our tumbled down shack and fool around with it and the Ultra some more. I've learned a lot. Stay tuned for an interesting post on that, but here's that SDS-1 straight through the Blues Deluxe, un-coloured by the kaleidoscope of sounds that come out of my Fractal. This made me appreciate the Area 58 that much more as well. Sweet tone with the treble rolled of. Very jazzy.

Its a great pup and if anyone followed the epic thread on the Wolf's pups circa Dec. 77 thru Feb 78 and read the Garcia quotes on magnetic pull - read the description on the SDS-1 page out of the 78 brochure. I can see why Garcia would want to try out the Dimarzio right around that time.



 #137950  by PaulJay
 Sat Mar 29, 2014 9:32 pm
I had an Sds-1 in the neck position of one of my Strats. I never liked it much, to bassy and a little muddy. So I took it out and put it in my tigerstrat I built . And with the advice I received from MGBills I used one of his custom designed pickguards that put the neck pick-up in the sweet spot. I noticed the difference right away and now I am happy with the sound from the sds-1.
James, your videos are always great to watch, especially your original jams. I enjoy your threads too. They always seem interesting and thought provoking. Almost makes me want to go back to college. To bad there isn't an Rukind U. Thanks Paul
 #137952  by tatittle
 Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:22 am
Cool...I have had the same result in the neck but just rec'd pickguards from MG too...Ill give it a try in the custom pg now rather than immed switching to a brighter pup. I also found the SDS-1 to be far louder than even Super 2 etc humbuckers. My best experience with them is in the bridge of a Strat where I do love em.
 #138026  by joeriz
 Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:04 am
Quick question: does the SDS-1 drop right into a Strat's pickup cavity without any modification? It is clearly much taller than a typical single coil pickup and I'm wondering how close it comes to touching the strings.