#134826  by Marleyboy
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:51 am
I want to be able to switch during a set between my Pederson ns2 hollow body w/Duncan 59s and piezo And sfg rosebud. At this point the eq is so off. The rosebud sounds killer but the pederdon is just too quiet and not cutting through like the bud even when I turn up the preamp. I'm thinking of installing the buffer but I'm wondering if anyone has done this with a true hollobody ? Already , if I'm not muting strings for a second I get feedback. It's just not cutting through like the rosebud. I just don't want to do the buffer and lose control. Also , I already have the piezo , so can I use that battery to supply power to the piezo and the buffer and will the piezo be to hot/bright buffered ? I'm not doing this work myself . I'll leave it to the pros . I just want to know what I need when I bring it to my tech.
 #134837  by waldo041
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:47 pm
Not sure if "turning up the preamp" refers to onboard the guitar or amp? Either way with a hollow body this is without a doubt the reason for your feedback issues. Adding the TPC1, unity or non, will not change the EQ nor the feedback issues you are experiencing with your current setup. The buffer gives what it gets, so if the guitar is feeding back you are just going to open up the high end and get feedback with more clarity. Taking a guess at possible remedies, i would replace any pickup height adjustment springs with some rubber type. Next i would try and raise the pickups, this will substantially increase volume. I would also try increasing the amp volume versus the preamp volume. Just a couple things to start or look into with just the basics of your rig. I always try and workout the clean tone first.

 #134846  by Marleyboy
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:29 pm
I think I was a bit misleading with that post. I love the feedback /sustain I have. When I got my first Pederson (abyss) 10 years ago . It was out of control but I am use to it now and use it to my advantage. I just mute the strings I don't want sustaining. I I can pretty much hold a single note for eternity. I was using a qsc and volume was in the back and hard to get at . So I would just turn up the sms gain. I just got an mc2200 today actally but I still don't want to be messing with my volumes too much . Sound guys hate me when I do that. My issue I suppose is more that its not cutting through the mix like the rosebud tribute . The highs kinda till off too quick when the rosebud every single note cuts through bright and clear . I also dontbknowbif I should be calling it feedback. It's more sustain but it will quickly turn into feedback if I let it. So it seemed to me that the buffer will make the guitar a bit more prominent . I'm just wondering if it would make it hotter and in turn harder to control. I figured you would answer this post and kinda give me a yay or nay . I'm not an electronics guy . I just try to play the guitar . I want my own sound , so u dont mind the hot hollobody sound but I also know that people are coming to see me cause they want yo hear simething that at least resembles Jerry .can you just give me the chip that makes me play and sound like jerry ?? ;) but seriously , I feel like the buffer would help .
 #134848  by TI4-1009
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:38 pm
Not sure if this is useful, but have you tried limiting the feedback at the source? Some stuff foam or even newspaper in between the top and back to keep them from over-vibrating. Might wreck the tone you're after though...
 #134853  by waldo041
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:35 pm
mkaufman wrote:To address the feedback issue, check out Doug's Plugs.



Exactly, that feedback/sustain is what is robbing you of your high end. The buffer is not going to increase your high end, it acts more like lifting a blanket off of your tone. But if it is already saturated, it will only be a clearer saturation if that makes any sense.