#129020  by bstormwind
I have so enjoyed listening to sound clips posted by folks over the few years I have frequented this site…..not to mention all the gear discussion which turned me on to the magic of JBL speakers and the amp settings to get me in the ball park.   I don’t have much to offer beyond what’s already been said about all things Jerry tone, but wanted to share a snippet of my band, and my tone.
I play a parts strat with ’57 reissue maple neck, hard tail alder body, Glendale 3-saddle brass tele style bridge, stock pups from a 1991 57 reissue strat and Alembic blaster.  On this night I played through a single E-120 mounted in a ‘70’s Fender Musicmaster bass amp cabinet and my stock ’66 twin reverb head (2 of the 6L6’s pulled, as well as the V1  12ax7).
This is the straight sound board mix from the venue sound guy. 
Middle pick-up all the way. I particularly like the tone of the lead following the keys @ 5:30.

Just love simple setups and that strat-->twin tone.

 #129032  by rugger
sounds great! I love the sound of a Strat plugged straight in.

john in san diego
 #129040  by mgbills
Nice Job. You should be proud!
 #129063  by PaulJay
Sorry, I could not just concentrate on the guitar tone. Because the whole band sounded all around fantastic. Your vocals and guitar playing are off the charts. After the song was over I wanted to hear more. Sorry if I sound like a music reviewer. Thanks Paul
 #129065  by tcsned
Wow! That was awesome! Tone, playing, vocals, band - the whole package. Well done!! :cool: :cool: :cool:
 #129121  by RiseandFall
There was nothing about it that I didn't like. A lot.

What most impressed me is that each player captures that, real as it is indefinable, slice of the vibe and general sensibility of the great players being emulated.
I really enjoyed Jack S. There was a looseness and un-polished aspect to the performance that captured really well that ability the Dead had to be musically non chalant, in a brilliant way.

And the strat tone was great throughout and impeccable at times. Well done.
 #129123  by bstormwind
Those are some cool comments R&F. I so appreciate you, and everyone else taking the time to listen and share thoughts.......I am so lucky to be playing the music I love with great friends, have the opportunity to share it, and get such great feedback.

 #129150  by barefootdave
A real pleasure to listen to, please continue to post your stuff! Your tone/playing/singing/band rocks.
 #129307  by pedalpoet
Hey bstormwind, I'll +1 these previous posts, really enjoying your soundclips. You guys sound great! Tone, playing, great songs too. Thanks for posting.