#118607  by cmc64
 Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:24 pm
hawk900 wrote:Let's all bash with hate on hawk on a gd forum. I sold most of my equip except a few things I wanna be burried with. Nice hack job!!!! Yes a router can leave burn marks. Maybe I should have posted the carbon paint step then the copper layer on the inside of the walnut cover. The guitar was still in works at the time before I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Have fun emulating jer with your plastic pickguard strats as an insulator.
Now I sold a dead 2100 to a guy whom obviously knows the truth about the amp and can't even hook speakers to it before checking to see if the ohm screw wires were shorted to ground before powering up. I messaged bootup instructions especially coming into the US through customs and they most likely slammed the thing around dealing with CP and USPS. I had to pick up from two diff shippers before using USPS because it was being held at the Detroit border due to a detection of hydrogen and had to drain the 39000 cans 1st.
I could careless about stadium reggae or reggae period we were playing funk and I blended in a little Keystone Jer with it. I also don't talk with Phil on a monthly basis either nor Jeff C.
Glad my fentanyl patch is kickin in I can atleast type. Love the lil wayne and Cripe comment. I also love your mentors on this site whom make money off other people's info maybe a Koons relative?
Will post some live tracks and some vids tonight not reggae though. LMAO Just Dead
I am a bit confused. I certainly never received "bootup instructions", I was unaware that I had disassemble a "ready to rock" amplifier to insure that the ohm screw wires were shorted to ground after it was used to "kick out a pair of E-120's" and I certainly can not understand why the amp would not power up since the wiring to the power transformers IS NOT PRESENT IN THE AMPLIFIER.
 #118676  by zambiland
 Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:06 am
hawk900 wrote:
Smolder wrote:burn marks?
bootup instructions?
39000 cans?
koons relative?

fentanyl patch
ah, got it. moving on.
ahh I'm glad u got it . Apparently fentanyl is an post cancer radiation pain killer,bootup instructions like make sure ohm jacks aren't shorting because I was informed for some reason MAC's protect the speakers not the amp,vol on 0,hook up and power up pre and evrything else 1st.,i know theyre 39000uf caps peeps call them cans,koon's relative are people makin money after his death on his stuff in my interpretation. Glad u got it
What's an ohm wire and an ohm jack?

I'm sorry to hear about the cancer. Good luck.