#111182  by Dozin
 Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:46 am


Ibanez AF-9 pedal and a TS pedal
Top unit I'm not sure
Switching Unit
UE405 foot controller
Ibanez UE-405
Ashley Compressor
Furman EQ
Furman Spring Reverb
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 #111189  by hogan
 Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:45 pm
I saw this same pic the other day on the philzone or facebook and Weir's road case was the first thing that I looked at. funny.
 #111235  by mkaufman
 Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:31 pm
We have two different pictures with the same exact rig. The must have been taken very close to eachother - probably the same tour.

Here's what I can make out:

- looks like an older UE-400 with a newer TS9 footswitch which is lying om top of the UE400

- the UE400 effects loop is being used, however, I can't tell what's plugged in

- there are (2) TS9 series effects on top of the rig. Based on a Dozin's color photo, we have a TS9->AF9. I suspect these are plugged into the UE400 effects loop and the TS9 is used to boost the signal before the AF9.

- I think the other device on top of the rig is a tuner

- I'm assuming the IVP is first in the chain, however, it doesn't look like the cable plugged into the IVP is going to Weir's guitar?

Anyone else with observations?

 #111236  by mkaufman
 Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:40 pm
This is taken from Dozin's post at http://dozin.com/bobs/rig.html"

According to John Cutler, design engineer for the Grateful Dead, the signal from Bob's Ibanez goes into an IVP preamp. On that particular preamp there are two effects loops available; one is after the preamp and before the equalization, and the other is post-equalization and before the master gain. Cutler has built a switching system that uses a logic-controlled relay to insert or delete what-ever effect is not in the signal path when not in use; it's hardwired bypassed.

In the first loop Bob uses a Furman reverb and Ibanez UE-400 that contains a compressor, a chorus, a flanger and a distortion box. In the second loop he uses an Ashley Compressor and an Ibanez AD-230 delay and flanger unit. Bob also uses a Cutler-built custom pedal that remotely controls the electronics on the rack and is a combination phase and wah-wah. He can have it either phasing,wahing, or a mix of the two. When he move the pedal from back to forward, both the wah and phaser go up in tone. Most phasers use an oscillator that sweeps back and forth, but this replaces the oscillator with a footpedal. The rack also contains a Furman parametric equalizer that he primarily used when doing both electric and acoustic sets on the same night. He plugs his Ovation into the Furman.

Weir's 1000-watts-per-channel power amp is no longer available. It was called Godzilla and was made by Great American Sound (GAS amp) which has since folded. Cutler reports that they only made about 20 or 30 of them as prototypes and never went into production. He plays through eight 10" Gauss speakers in a Hard Trucker's cabinet. Although, Bob's speaker configuration changed all the time.


I know that the "AD-230" was not part of Chris's original post. What did it say originally?

I'm thinking that he used the UE-400 flanger in the first effects loop and probably the phaser for Looks Like Rain. I'm guessing he used the Ashley compressor and not the UE-400 compressor?

Also, the Furman RV1 reverb is also a limiter. I wonder if it was used more as a limiter than for reverb?

 #111240  by waldo041
 Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:35 pm
don't know if these help the cause, but thought i'd post them anyway.

Sept 13, 1981

July 3, 1984(both)


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 #111245  by mkaufman
 Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:11 pm
Thanks! The more, the merrier! Although, there are some differences between the pics you posted and the earlier ones posted.

I'm pretty sure that Dozin's post said 'AD-202' before it said 'AD-230', which is the reason we all had this unit way back when. :lol:

Regardless, neither make sense to me:

- they don't appear in any of these pics
- if there was an AD-202 or an AD-230, except for a delay, it would provide no additional effects vs. the UE-400

 #111247  by mkaufman
 Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:25 pm
Waldo's first pic: Bob playing an Ibanez, therefore, '80-'82?

Top to bottom:

- Furman RV-1
- Ibanez UE-400, early version
- Ashley SC-50
- (arm in way) some sort of volume control?
- custom switcher
- Furman PQ-3

Waldo's 2nd/3rd pics: Bob playing a Modulus (when did this start?), but still using mostly his Ibanez rig. therefore '83?

Top to bottom:

- ?
- Ibanez UE-400, early version
- ?
- ?
- ?
- ?
- Custom switcher
- some sort of volume control?
- Ashley SC-50
- Furman PQ-3

Notice how the IVP is gone. Replaced by ??

 #111268  by Dozin
 Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:32 pm
I don't think I've ever noticed the EXR Projector pedal
 #111296  by jeffm725
 Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:50 am
I concur, thats absolutely a UE400, not the 405. The 3 knob compressor as effect unit 1 all the way to the left is the giveaway.
 #111302  by jeffm725
 Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:26 am
See how on the top of the Rack he has the UE405 foot controller (with "9" style pedals rather than "808" )....

He would go to the top of the Rack to preselect whatever UE405 effects he would use on a song by using his fist, and then use his custom switcher to bring the whole unit in and out of signal path from the floor by the mic stand.

and in this shot it is a 405!! Not a 400! SO he obviously used both at different times because other pics plainly show the 400 (again the easiest way to tell the difference from afar is the first effect in each unit is a compressor, the 400 is 3 knob, the 405 is 4 knob).

Also, notice on the 405 he is using the effects loop which enables you to insert an external effect (or chain of effects) within the order of the different 405 effects (which can also have their order scrambled via the insta patch knob)

this is the pic I speak of:

 #111316  by jeffm725
 Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:56 pm
MK ....Bob started playing the Modulus in the fall of 1983.

Yeah I see the 400 in the pics where he is playing the Ibbys. Definitely 808 style controller there.