#105678  by hogan
 Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:57 pm

Pretty righteous instrument.
 #105695  by Grant
 Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:31 pm
awesome... was wondering when this was gonna turn up. sounds great!

more or less a wolf/tiger hybrid right?
 #105739  by waldo041
 Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:11 pm
Stu's Moriarty



http://moriartyguitars.com/moriartyguit ... /Home.html

Matt's work is Amazing!

 #105751  by hogan
 Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:39 am
cocobolo, maple and ebony.
 #105764  by rugger
 Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:31 am
Looks stunning. I really like the darker wood of the ebony or cocobolo with the wolf shape.

I would love an opportunity to play one of those instruments.

John in San Diego
 #105784  by hogan
 Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:29 pm
zott wrote:sick...is it heavy?

not really, no.