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Can anyone help me out with some of the more common Bob Weir riffs in this song? It's hard enough finding tabs for Bobby stuff of popular 70s songs, so figuring out later era material is damn near impossible :cry: :cry:

This riff is one of the ones I'm trying to figure out, you can see his hands but I'm not good enough to pick out what is actually going on:

Another classic one:
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At the risk of being pedantic...Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

I know this isn't what you want to hear, but you will get way more out of figuring stuff out on your own than reading somebodies tabs. The licks you want to learn are not difficult--you can do it!


This piece of software changed my life, well, my musical life.

Transcribe! is an incredible tool that allows you to loop and slow down sections of songs while maintaining the key. In my view, it's really the only way to learn difficult passages. When you hear something seamlessly looped over and over it becomes ingrained in your brain and your fingers start to follow. There is no break in your concentration starting and stopping or finding the exact part you want to hear. If the part is a little fast to learn, slow it down until you can play it cleanly and gradually speed it up as you gain proficiency. Hell, you can even have the software do this automatically. This was easily the best $50 I have ever spent on musical gear, hands down, no question.

Jennifer Batten (guitarist for Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson) does a good tutorial. Here is a link to a short one. She has a more exhaustive one also if you're so inclined.

Good luck with your journey.

john in san diego
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Using the slow down software is really the only way to dig in on this stuff. VLc player will work with videos too.I use that to slow down riffs too.You will improve your ear immensely.Soon,you wont even need to learn note for note.Difficult at first,but results will happen.
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Use Archive.org and seek out as many shows as you can and find one that is hard panned Bobby. It may take you a couple hours, but that's the best way. Another thing to consider is that in an interview Jerry commented about how for this song he didn't want to have a bunch of guys pounding on full chords. So start with the chords and hear the other elements around the triads. Think stacked chords and substitutions.
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IMO Bobby's part MAKES this song. Very intricate, counterintuitive (at least to me), and if you try to play the song straight, just the chords without the Bobby lines, it doesn't sound right.

They did Foolish Heart for the encore on that '89 Greek show, and there's a YouTube w/ Bob's guitar part isolated:

(not sure if that time stamp will work, but it's at about 2:12)