#46460  by BuddhaG
 Wed Jul 23, 2008 2:58 pm
Hey Guys, It's been a really long time since I logged and so I wanted to make my first post back kinda special. This is something I wrote one night while listening to the 8/27/72 Dark Star. I've been wanting to share this for a long time so here goes:

(I reccomend throwing on the song if at all possible)

dark star is like jungle noises
bordering on jazz
swarming insects, rodents, snakes
and water dripping over all of it
lucious greens tower over ants
thick canopies supporting views
of vibrant tree top fields
and flying, taken by the wind
like the flight of a bumble bee
meandering yet headed in just
one certain direction
as they (the directions) present themselves
and senses alerting, nerves responding,
nervous muscle reacting, contracting with it
resounding, reverberating
undulating large & small
crossing between each other
in atonal passages of a single key
rainbow scales on this fat rainbow fish
with the stripe straight as an arrow
and the thing flying in the summer air, lazily exciting

the village gathers around the
electrical microphone - proverbial fire
and chants the words of a life
and the voices share the spirit
of their place & joy
and this in the midst of all
seemingly natural & somewhat brutal
actions of circle life & death,
as the tiger must chase down an antelope for dinner
and a monkey finds a fruit
bird finds a bug
critters finding nuts
giraffes eating long leaves in the Saharan afternoon
under that same one blazing sun,
we all do what it begs of us -
to live, to reproduce, to eat,
to make a colony or spend your life
rolling around piles of dung in the desert,
as long as you're living it, the sun approves

and so phil's bass solo
soon made way into the deeper portion
of the second onslaught on the perception
of dimensions:
space, time, parallel universes
working in sync with each other
like our great galaxy and all its ever-spinning neighbors
unto infinity meshing with all other orbits
in giant mysterious grand plan of eventuality
and you know that it was all just bound to happen
and that you could see it all if you had
the right telescope or microscope
or permanent third eye piece
somewhere in the cerebral region
my, my, what a celebration of intellectual prowess
and of course it all comes back
to earnest real actions because after all,
a perspective is good mostly for doing things with it
 #135242  by BuddhaG
 Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:56 am
Thank you! Only took six years but I'm glad to know that this resonated with someone out there. Much love and a Happy 2014 to you all!