#166058  by rugger

A new pedal from Brad! If you don't know, he was an integral and regular contributor here for a long time. The creator and builder of the awesome SMS preamp among other many cool pieces of gear.

Ordered mine up yesterday. Thank you @sarnomusicsolutions!

john in san diego
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 #166079  by Staemius
Looks cool - grats Brad. Should complement the Earth drive nicely for that extra push!
 #167316  by Jon S.
Just saw this.

Very cool and practical that the pedal remains buffered when bypassed. Had I been aware of this 6 months ago, I could have ordered one for myself instead of shipping another of my clean boost pedals back to its builder to mod it to do the same thing for me. Though I may yet cop one of these, too (no one ever said on his deathbed, "I wish I'd had one less clean boost." :lol: )

Not a critical question but curious if anyone happens to know the typology for the pedal? I.e., what circuit it is or is related to? E.g., stratoblaster, Jack Orman JFET mu-amp, etc.?
 #167319  by Jon S.
lbpesq wrote: Thu May 07, 2020 9:39 am It looks like an Earth Drive and a Freeloader combined into one pedal?
This would not occur to me as the Earth Drive is described on Sarno's site as a "boost/overdrive" while the Doozy is described as a "clean boost" but it would be nice to be certain (I've tried the Earth Drive - it's a wonderful pedal but a pure clean boost it's not).
 #167320  by yodasfro
I just ordered one they're currently on sale. Getting annoyed with my mu-fx boostron and it's lack of a footswitch.
 #167346  by Jon S.
I emailed Brad with a question on the Doozy which he hasn't yet responded to but I ordered myself one anyway because, as I've already posted, no one ever said on his deathbed, "I wish I'd had one less clean boost." :drink:
 #167453  by Jon S.
Awesome! I'm still waiting on mine.

Also, when I asked Brad my question in my post above, I used an old email address. Once I figured that out and emailed him at his current address, I got a prompt reply confirming the Doozy Boost and Earth Drive are entirely different circuits.
 #168574  by Jon S.
5 months later, and with a lot more experience with the pedal under my belt now, may I add that Sarno's description of the Doozy Boost as offering "just a hint of sweetness for subtle harmonic enhancement and vibrance" is veracious. In this regard, I do believe it surpasses even my esteemed Pegasus Boost. Put simply, the Doozy Boost is a GREAT-sounding clean boost pedal. And it sounds awesome both before, and in the effects loops (for those that have 'em) of, my amps.

>> The Doozy Boost is a clean boost pedal that is also “buffered” when bypassed. This buffering helps drive a pedalboard and cable runs without suffering tone loss. Based on the same discrete FET input stage of our FreeLoader buffer followed by a variable boost stage with up to 25dB of gain, the Doozy Boost offers clean, low-distortion tone with just a hint of sweetness for subtle harmonic enhancement and vibrance. http://www.sarnomusicsolutions.com/products/dzb.html
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