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I hear you. This is a relatively lightweight Weber X-cab, though. With the speaker it’s just under 35 lbs. Not svelte, but still pretty manageable. And the walk-up at the beginning of each verse of Candyman never sounded so tight and clear!

Bill, tgo
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Question for you guys! (Just to make sure I don't blow anything up)

I just ordered a second preamp (sansamp psa1) on reverb. I thought it could give me some flexibility for when I'm not going for jerry tones.

So I have 2 preamp and a carvin dcm150 power amp. So far I plugged the SMS in the carvin in bridged mode into my 8ohm cab. So far so good. Now I want (if possible) to have the SMS on one channel and the PSA1 on the other one. Can I simply plug each into a channel, turn bridged mode off and turn parrallel mode on, and go into a single 8ohm cab? I have a radial aby so I could have both channels on and simply switch between which preamp receive my guitar signal... Altought having only one cab I'm not sure that would work since I think I need it to be in bridged mode to have only one signal output....

I also have a radial switcher pedal so I could probably instead stay in bridged mode and simply put the switcher after the preamps (send both into it) and select which one passes through. Would that be preferable? Would it damage the power amp if by accident I was to sent both preamp simultaniously in a single power amp channel? Would sending my signal to both preamps with at all time with only one hooked to the power amp hurt them? (Would allow me to switch sound with only on step on a button instead of two)