#171608  by perljam

I've taken the plunge. I'll be running an SMS preamp into the Carvin, then into a single JBL E-120.

Is it OK to use just one channel, or is that bad for the amp? I assume it's ok to just use one channel but thought I'd check. That would be a bit more flexible of a setup, as I do have a 2nd speaker I could add.

As per specs, the JBL can handle the bridged power of that amp (300>200w) and I doubt I would need to turn it up too high. Better to just bridge it? The JBL has the original cone and I'd prefer not to damage it.

Any words of advice on this, or any other tips to get the best tone with this setup?

 #171609  by lbpesq
In bridged mode, channel 2 doesn’t function. Just make sure you have at least an 8 ohm speaker in bridged mode. You can also hook it up in mono with two speakers. Here’s a link to the manual:

https://usermanual.wiki/Carvin/CarvinDc ... 04005/html

Bill, tgo
 #171612  by lbpesq
When running the amp bridged into a single 8 ohm speaker, make sure that the impedance switch (labeled “Min. Load Select”) is pushed in. When the switch is in the out position, bridged, the minimum speaker load is 16 ohms.

Bill, tgo
 #171617  by perljam
Thanks all. I have the manual but it doesn't talk about running only one channel, so I wanted to see what people tend to do with one 8 ohm speaker.

I'll get some banana plugs and bridge it. Thanks!
 #171619  by lbpesq
Being as the Carvin DCM200L is a solid state amp, you can run only one channel without any issues. Just don’t do it with a tube amp. And with the Carvin, you can run the single channel at either 75 or 100 watts. That might be preferable if your speaker isn’t rated for the 200 watts it puts out in bridged mode. The Carvin also allows you to run both channels with only one input, so you could easily add a second speaker and drive both channels with your mono output SMS preamp.

Bill, tgo
 #171621  by Jon S.
If I’m understanding this correctly (Bill, please correct me if I’m wrong), I personally would not run just 1 of the 2 channels into a speaker load without taping over the 2nd channel’s volume control so you don’t at some point accidentally turn it on also.
 #171622  by lbpesq
I don’t think that’s an issue. An amp needs to see some resistance, like “minimum 4 ohm”, or “minimum 8 ohm”, etc. That’s why we all learned that you should never run an amp with something in the input but no speaker load attached. This can, indeed, seriously damage a tube amp. A solid state amp, OTOH, see’s infinite resistance when running with no speaker load attached, well above the minimum. That’s why you can unplug speakers on a Quilter or other SS amp without a problem (which I already knew and is usually confirmed in SS amp manuals). At least that’s what my research on the net revealed. Furthermore, unless you engage the Parallel switch in the back, the second channel of the Carvin isn’t seeing any input.

Bill, tgo
 #171709  by perljam
Follow on Question!

I see the Carvin amp has a 'parallel' mode, but I assume that is not available in bridged mode, which I am using. The manual talks about both, but doesn't speak to how they might work together, although it alludes to input 2 not working in bridge mode, which leads me to believe that parallel won't work either.

I would like to hook up an IR direct box (or something) to go direct into the board. Would a Y cable out of the preamp be my best bet in this situation? Anyone have any luck with this?