#168196  by Wharfster
 Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:30 am
So, I decided to go with the Fryette LXII after some persuasive discussion with my wallet.

The other units described and recommended here would be great starting places for those of us chasing the high headroom clean thing on the cheap! Pretty much any of these seem like they would do the trick. And well!

My rationale is that I want something of quality USA build reputation that’s serviceable if it ever breaks down. I also liked the idea of going back to tubes, for a warmer more amp-like sound. So far I’m loving it! There’s a more dynamic and responsive feel to tubes, to my ear. Carvin was more of a clean platform, dry and neutral. The Fryette can do that without any kind of coloring or breakup, but it also offers depth and presence controls that add some magic high end sparkle and low end warmth that each add a whole new dimension to the sound when wedded to my tube preamps. 50 watts is more than enough headroom for most of us. At the moment I’m running two tube preamps, one clean/one slightly dirty. The sound is unlike anything I ever got close to with just a clean preamp and solid state amp. Much more rich, thick, and dynamic, without compromising that clarity we’re all chasing. Totally gorgeous tone! I’m reaching a personal zenith here with this rig.

Thanks for the feedback! I hope this thread serves as a good resource for the community! Keep the questions and comments flowing if you have em. And keep on searching for that sound...
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 #168199  by Gr8fulCadi
 Mon Sep 14, 2020 10:46 am
Wow that looks really nice, congrats!!

I’m new to Fryette, purchased their PowerStaion 2 (PS2) about 6 months ago. Absolutely love the thing. Use it for recording and taming amps. Quality stuff. Enjoy it!