#175006  by lbpesq
An “f/u message”?

Oh, “follow up”! Took me awhile! I originally thought it was something else.


Bill, tgo
 #175009  by OhiaMagnolia
lbpesq wrote: Mon Sep 04, 2023 10:25 am An “f/u message”?

Oh, “follow up”! Took me awhile! I originally thought it was something else.


Bill, tgo
I lol'd.

Robert finally got back. He apologized and said he's been building and mine is in line. Stated he is "probably" done building after these guitars. A couple emails ago it was 1 & 1/2 until mine, but not sure if true or not. Keep in mind mine was ordered in 2019, I would hope/assume mine should be completed by end of 2023 if builds are actually happening.
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 #175079  by Drew1982
I’m not really sure what else I need to say about Robert Rusch. He has had very open communication with me. At no point have I ever felt like he was doing anything sketchy. I am looking forward to getting my piece of art full on Wolf tribute in June 2024.
Because I understand the scope of work I don’t expect a hard date. I have asked to get progress photos if he wants to. Also I told him to reach out at any time if he hits some road blocks or for any reason needs to chat about the project.
I am simply explaining and expressing my experience with Robert Rusch Guitars.
Thanks and stay positive
 #175080  by Jon S.
strumminsix wrote: Tue Jul 12, 2022 12:42 pm My experience... if you get a good faith estimate double it in your mind and be happy with updates every few months.
Not a bad approach at all.

My technique is, after the builder or tech tells me how long the work will take, I reply, "OK, but really - what's the actual true expected completion date?" You'd be surprised at how often this works to get a second estimate that's more in line with reality.

This technique, on a broader level, works especially well with children, too. I'll ask a question. I'll get the reply, "I don't know." Then I'll respond, "Well, if you did know, what would it be/what would you want/etc.?" At least half the times, I'll then get a real answer! :P
 #175321  by Alem1
OhiaMagnolia wrote: Thu Aug 24, 2023 3:43 am I built a website for fun for Rusch Guitars, that I was gonna offer him on said completion of guitar cause his OG site was horrible. After the health issues I’ve had to learn a new skill as I can’t travel like I used to but I guess he won’t need it now. Was still a fun build.

Then for a side hustle I’m looking at building two cabs for jerry rigs a 2x12 and just a 12 and working with Amish builders for making cabs.

Curious for feedback but I was thinking what I would like on a custom jerry rig if I have a 2x12 and I would want a leather handle on top, rollers on the bottom you can lock and a hidden compartment called a stash box. Anything else I should consider adding for custom features?
If you haven’t built your cab yet, you might consider Tone Tubby speakers , I use Red Alnico and Purple Haze and like them.
 #175450  by Nightfall_Diamonds
Saw this thread and did some digging. Is this same Rusch people have been discussing?


I hope not but do feel this is relevant to thread, especially since info contradicts what customer experience’s have been regarding hefty deposits, cash flow issue claims from builder and strange language found on site. Site claims “company reset” as of December 2023 which says anything previous to December 2023 is null and void.

Another claim on site is delivery by January 2024 for orders placed now. I was also concerned as to why a builder would say public concerns out state of his business will be dealt with legally? Part of being kind is looking out for others. I sincerely hope my concerns aren’t relevant and everyone who paid thousands for guitar has received their instrument. I’d rather share this info in hopes of shedding light on thread discussions. Best wishes!!
 #175457  by samterk1
Hi all,
Yes - same guy, new website, yadda yadda

I wanted to help set the record here as straight as possible...
He is back to building, and seems to have been delivering guitars.

You can see on his instagram + facebook - all is active again
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id ... 549382561
And i've seen posts from one of the recipients of a build...

And more – I've been in touch with him via email and basically he is back at it.
I have a guitar on order from way back in the day, and he sent me the upcoming build list, which I've been seeing realized every couple of weeks with the posts on his social media, lining up with the list perfectly.

So far in my reconnection with him, I've seen him more organized than before, and I don't have doubts about my place on the build list. Looking forward to my instrument <3

Hope this helps
We're all human... stuff goes up, stuff goes out, stuff rebounds.
We'll be alright.

 #175458  by Slewfoot2000
Great to hear! I have also been in touch with Robert and he seems active.

All that being said, I do have a $3K deposit with him and am having a hard time deciding on what I would like to build. If anyone wanted it at a discount happy to do so. Feel free to PM if interested. All good either way as I'm sure I'll figure something out eventually!
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 #175493  by OhiaMagnolia
It's the same builder, he contacted me and all he said was he is moving my guitar up a shelf and sent a photo.

I didn't get a list of builds, so I cannot comment there.

I would like to think by summer I should have mine, but I am still kinda not holding my breath but hopefully.
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 #175494  by OhiaMagnolia
On a positive note, I did pick up a American Vintage 2013 1965 Strat for 1400 bucks because guitar center thought it was a bad guitar because it had chips on a flash coat nitro finish.

I think the 65's are the most rare in that series and most ppl went after the 59's and 62's? I am just happy cause the 65 has a bigger neck.
 #175524  by lbpesq
Interesting choice of woods on this one. The treble wing and the bass wing appear to have significantly different quilt patterns, both on top and, reversed, on the back. (Bass side has big quilts on top, treble side has the big quilts on the back). Not my favorite. I prefer things a bit more symmetrical.

Bill, tgo
 #175690  by GratefulDadNJ
Just a note that I finally got mine delivered after more than a 2 year wait. And I was def nervous about whether or not he would pull through. Ultimately, he did and the end result is the guitar is gorgeous. The neck feels amazing, and the clarity and sustain of my Tiger is just really great. I did have some frustrations along the way, including the delivery of the instrument, the choice of case which did not match the actual order, and a couple of minor things that I won’t mention. But his skill as a builder is evident. Feel confident that you will get your guitar, and you will love it. I would advise being proactive and specific about any preferences if you have them.
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