#175487  by KCBones
I've been collecting parts for awhile for an Alligator build. I know a lot of you have done the same thing and I had a question regarding the Raytheon control knobs.

My understanding is that Jerry's guitar used Raytheon 407-D2-K1 knobs at least for part the time he was using it. Is that actually the correct knob? If so, everywhere I've looked no longer has that knob, apparently it's obsolete and very difficult to find.

However, I have found Raytheon 407-D1-K1 knobs which are dimensionally identical except that they are made for a 0.125" shaft, not the 0.25" shaft.

Does anyone know if these can be drilled to fit a 0.25" shaft or will it just destroy the otherwise expensive knob?

 #175488  by KCBones
Oops, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is K.C. I've been a Grateful Dead fan for about 45 years. My interest really ratcheted up when I met a tape trader and started hearing live recordings. I only got to see the Dead twice before Jerry left us but when the internet came around, I discovered the Grateful Dead live recordings that far exceed the quality of the traded tapes I used to listen to. I hope to complete an Alligator build since I can't afford Fender's $20K version. I hope some of the experts here can help me find the final few parts I need and then I'll start assembling it.
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 #175495  by KCBones
I was hoping someone had a little knowledge or information they could share on the black Raytheon knobs Jerry used on Alligator for a while. Is it actually known what the manufacturer and model of those knobs were or was I just reading someone's best guess?
 #175496  by OsamaKeefe
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The 407-D2 size knob is just about impossible to find unless from the Alembic website - where they fetch a heftier price than I’d be willing to pay. The 409-D2 size is larger but is essentially the same design and can be found and had for far cheaper. You’ll have to check availability on this but at one point Tedss.com had the 407-D2 in a gray color. I’ve never tried drilling a 407-D1 to fit a .25 shaft but if you’ve got the means to try I say go for it.
 #175499  by Tacosauce
While they do cost more than the average knob, I’d vote to go ahead and spend the dough and get the real thing from Alembic. I’ve got them on a couple guitars and they’re by far my favorite.

Good luck with the build!
 #175506  by lbpesq
The Alembic knobs are actually quite different from the Raytheon knobs on Alligator. The Raytheon knobs are larger and have an angled top, while the Alembic knobs are narrower and have a flat top. Don’t get me wrong, the Alembic knobs are nice. I have them on two ‘70s Alembic guitars. But they aren’t Raytheons. I found old Ratheon knobs somewhere online when I built my Alligator. IIRC it was on eBay.

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