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Cool. Wolf used at least three different types of knobs at different times. In addition to these aluminum knobs, at different times Wolf also sported Ratheon hat knobs and standard Fender knobs.

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My Dad, post-Army, worked his entire career for Raytheon in its Microwave and Power Tube Division. Some of the stuff he brought home to demo for my Mom, brother, and us blew our minds, e.g., consumer microwave oven and military night vision goggles for use in 'Nam, klystron tubes, and such. The trunks of his company cars (Galaxy 500's and Impalas, depending on the year) were always full of stereo and amp tubes that he gave out to potential clients as gifts. Before Dad passed, I showed him online what Raytheon stereo/amp tubes were getting now on eBay. He couldn't believe it. I believe his exact words were, "Wow. Had I known, I'd have kept some for myself!"