#166563  by thistle3585
I build mandolins, tenor guitars and standard guitars. I've been building from some worn out templates and am trying to standardize everything and get it setup for cnc. I have looked through numerous sites and have seen body dimensions that are 16.75" or 17" long and the lower bout being 12", 12.5", 13.625" and 14" wide. Anyone know Tiger's actual dimensions? It seems like 16.75" is the most popular. I imported a photo of Tiger, traced it and created a drawing that came out 16.75"x12.5" without any manipulation.. I have it mocked up in several dimensions and really cant decide which way to go. I probably would have been better off not to have created choices. :) I think the most critical dimension will be the length to make sure the bridge locates properly on the body. Was Rosebud narrower? I'm wondering if the 12" width came from it or another guitar.
 #166564  by TI4-1009
Use the known dimensions of the DiMarzio pickups and extrapolate.