#143350  by tatittle
Nice looking K110's on ebay if anyone needs...their not mine, I just figure since I have a handful already I would pass on the news. Look original cones to my eyes and the price is good.
 #143358  by TI4-1009
Listed as 16 ohms, measured as off a bit (one quite a bit?).
 #143359  by tatittle
I as actually talking about the 8 ohm ones on sale for $88. free shipping!
I would get a couple (easier to push at lower volumes for me) if I didn't already have so many! I am still tempted.
 #143374  by TeeJay
Thanks for the heads up tatittle. I bought one of these k110s for my modified Blues Jr. I had tried a k120 in the BJ and sounded awesome but that powerful speaker in that little crappy cab was generating a lot of buzzing and rattles. I made a new birch baffle board with a 10" cut out and put a Weber Neomag 10 in it but it just doesn't sound right. Especially at higher volumes. I think I am on the right track with the 10" in that smaller cab so hopefully the k110 will be the ticket. Thanks again!- TJ