#139207  by Jon S.
This is now officially my most popular thread ever! :lol:

I've decided to go with the Tornados. I never did care all that much for the Neomag I had and sold some years back. If the description and chatter on the Jensens are true - more alnico-like bottom end, less emhasized midrange, extended high end - I figure someone's got to bite the bullet for science. :smile:
 #139280  by Jon S.
My goal is lowest possible weight. The K110s are 8 1/4" lbs. apiece. Not too bad! BUT the Tornados are 3.8 lbs. apiece. With them, I'll end up with a 30 lb. cab and be able to carry my head (SMSs + Carvin DCM200L in a Gator 2U, total 17 lbs.), cab, Line 16 M13, and guitar easily in one trip. For other situations, I'll use my FYD + MC50 + 112 w/K120 and 112 w/E120. And if I come to regret the Tornados, no biggie. It'll be a problem money alone can solve. I'll just sell the Tornados and cop some K110s. Look at the positive side - in the interim, you'll have my review. :-)
 #139775  by Jon S.
spacefunkologist wrote:Jon- did you look into the Telonics line of neo speakers? Im not sure if they offer a 10" but I've read they are feather light and voiced like K series alnicos......im really interested in hearing someone report on these....
I did because I heard and read similar reviews, including some positive mentions here. But as far as I can find anywhere, now, there are only 12" and 15" speakers available.
 #139776  by spacefunkologist
Contacted them yesterday, and got a nice reply from the owner. They only offer these in 12 and 15" like you mentioned Jon....4 and 8 ohm. Ive placed my order for a 12"-4ohm to go in my SSP 1x12....gonna run it with my 67 Bandmaster for a small grab and go rig. I'll report back once Ive had time to test drive it :cool:
 #139778  by Jon S.
I'll look forward to your review. I currently have in my main rig a pair of 1X12 cabs with an E120 and K120 in each. The E120 sounds wonderful but it's an anchor! If you find the Telonics truly replicates a K120, I'd consider swapping one in for the E120. Though I've also heard they're not voiced precisely the same, in particular, some say the Telonics is more bassy.