#138009  by James-T
Well I wasn't really shopping for one (just got rid of my 73 twin) but it was too good of a deal to let pass by. I watched a vintage Vibrolux come down by $100 every few days on CL and picked it up for a song. Turns out its a 73.

It has a the sweetest vintage G10-60 Rola Celestrion's (sliver) in it which sound amazing - but they are 15 ohms each so its the wrong impedance for the amp. I'm looking for a 4 ohm load and getting a 7.5 ohm load.

I've got a 1x12 JBL ext cab with an 8 ohm E120. If I simply run this out of the ext speaker jack am I then giving my amp close to the correct load - assuming I also use the Rola's.

Good news is I already have a 2x12 JBL 4 ohm cab, but that's a bit much to lug around. :smile:

My trusted amp tech says I'll be fne at low living room volumes with the Rola's but will damage the transformers if I push them at a gig.


 #138024  by Griffyote
You scored James! :cool: I'd love to run into a good deal on that amp. My Twin ext speaker jack wants to see 4ohms also. It says so right on the amp. So your amp wants to see an 4 ohm load. You've got an 7.5 load from the Celestions wired in parallel. If you wired the 8 ohm JBL in parallel with the Celestions you will get a 4ohm load. An amp guru may have a better method?
 #138025  by tatittle
The issue will be the 1 x 12 will be louder than the 2 15 ohm speakers (individually)....that's before sensitivity differences which will make it more pronounced (E120's are like the most sens ever...original cone/coil that is). Could be a good thing though.
And yes Fender vintage spkr jacks are parallel so running 2 x 8 ohm loads (1 ext. and 1 reg jack) combine to show the trans. 4 ohms total.
 #138029  by TI4-1009
 #138037  by James-T
Hey. Thanks guys! Looks like I'm good to go with two options. Disconnect the Rolas and use by 2x12 4 ohm d120 cab or simply plug in my 1x12 e120 cab and enjoy the jbl overtake those rola 's.

Back in grad school in the late 90s I wasn't playing a lot of electric, mostly accoustic. I got lazy moving so much and sold my SFDR I had bought new in 79. I've missed that amp but I have to say the Vibrolux is a better amp for my guitar collection and playing style.

I sold that DR for a song to a friend of a friend so I guess what comes around goes around.

I'm really enjoying it. I forgot how much fun it is to have a great amp at home and how plugging in solo gets the creative juices flowing.


 #138068  by tatittle
I love the sound of a browner amp or tweed mixed with a clean one like BF, that may be somewhat what you get from the Brit/JBL speaker combo.
 #138081  by James-T
I'm going to document the results. Should be interesting. I'm digging the Rola's. As much as I love my JBL's its possible to get JBL fatigue.

The Vibrolux with the Celestrions is very bright and very Jerry. Brighter than my Blues Deluxe with the D120 for sure. And the Blues Deluxe was on par with my late 73 twin.

Peace, :smile: