#137779  by tatittle
The authentic JBL recone kits are long extinct (as are K and E now), though a few may be floating around--likely to fetch several hundreds of dollars. There are reconers who have attempted to reproduce the original specs with whats aavail today. Most do not sound like the original, but I suspect a couple guys have some success, not sure who though. "Edgewound" is a name that comes to mind. I don't like Weber recons, they just use their regular stuff from what I hear. So practically speaking, no, not exactly, but there is likely 1 or 2 guys that come very close.
 #137786  by James-T
Orange County recones them. I scored a newly reconed D120F a year ago. Came with an Orange County sticker. Took about 6 months to really break in (it is in my spare amp) and it is amazing! Best speaker I have ever heard. Many guests have played through that amp and speaker on stage and off and say the same thing. If you want to hear it, I've got a youtube video I'm working up for a post: http://youtu.be/39VDEU3Jpgk?t=41s

You can also check out my post on the tongue and cheek Stratocaster review. That lead guitar track was recorded on my Blues Deluxe JBL (orange county) combo amp.

Beats out my 2x12 HT cab with 2 D120F's that were reconed by a JBL dealer in the early 80's. They also sound very sweet!

I understand they (Orange County) are expensive. I'm glad it came reconed at someone else's expense. But I've never heard of anyone who doesn't play through D120's who won't admit they are the sweetest speakers around - for Dead and non-Dead :smile: .