#136278  by Griffyote
JBL's,JBL's, just got have some JBL's,
Webers,Jensen's,Em's won't do,
Just got to have some JBL's :smile:

JBL's,JBL's, just got have some JBL's,
Wife's gonna whine but I don't care, :x
Just got have them JBL's :smile:

EarthDrive and Trutron will hAve to wait,
Brad and Beigel please don't hate,
Just got to have some JBL's :cool:
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 #136280  by Griffyote
:cool: Well,after browsing this forum for more than a year I guess I got the bug. I saw some D130s come up for sale and had to make an offer. They are both supposed to be fully functional. One is the original cone, I'm thinking how good can a 50 year old paper cone sound? These speakers are as old or older than me. I'll have to build some cabinets for them before I know how they will sound and see if I got a good deal or not.
I thought I was wanting some K or D 120 s for my ultralinear Twin -but I haven't seen many for sale and didn't want to make my amp heavy again. I know the 130's are thought highly of for pedal steel.
So I'll be building me some cabinets and playing through 4 speakers when I need to be loud. Wretched excess!
 #136281  by Smolder
The 15's sound every bit as good as the 12's and even better to my ears. They are more rare, but sell slower than the 120's. Great speakers. There is a K130 on CL near me for $100... I don't need it, but it's calling me.