#136270  by Chutley
Hi there,

I have an opportunity to purchase 3 JBL speakers from a local shop for a package deal of $560, but am a little uncertain due to the fact they are reconed. I've always wanted JBLs though, so this is REALLY tempting. :) Here is what I know of the speakers and the recones:

Two K-120s, 8 ohms: One has this on the cone: "MW E120 LDF 201" stamped, and "2202" and "4120518" handwritten.
The second K-120 unfortunately only has a handwritten number which is very hard to read: "4110128" maybe?

The D-120-F, 8 ohms, orange, says: "4121020" and "2202" handwritten.

The seller says they were all reconed by the same person, so I am hoping that perhaps they are all the same kit. From researching this forum, it sounds from another thread from Dutch that perhaps the MW E120 is a pretty good kit for the K-120.

Any thoughts out there that might help? I've searched around and am concerned that perhaps the 2202 marking isn't a great sign, although again, it sounds like the "MW E120" designation might be a a good sign...

Any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!!
 #136275  by Smolder
If you can not identify the cones by a white stamped number (21023), they are not OEM factory kits. If you can't identify who did the work and the origin of the parts then I would not pay a premium. I've purchased a couple of very nice K120's here in the last 18 months at $120 and 150 each with original cones (on craigslist). While the original cone D's are pretty old at this point, a K will be newer AND have a more durable cone material. The K's I have are closer to the D's I have than any after market re-cone I've heard. I hope that helps.