#132214  by Sparechaynge
interesting. I have the Blues Junior "one", not sure of the year, might be an early 2000s. I'll have to listen more closely next time!
 #132221  by jerrys.kids
I grabbed an E120 and tried this also. Didn't really work out very well for me. Put it in a cab. It got a little closer to the tone but I didnt really like it. I don't think 15 watts does that speaker justice. I had the same idea but after the speaker and the mods I would have had a $1000 BJ. Scrapped the idea, sold the BJ and bought a deluxe reverb. Much happier.
 #132228  by PaulJay
You are probably right about the e-120. I have a Weber Cali 100 watt that might be a better match. I recently sold my DRRI, It didn't bond with me. I like my Roland JC-77 better.
 #132286  by PaulJay
I ended up putting the Blues Jr. chassis and reverb into a rack case with a power conditioner and a fan and hooked into the e-120. Also did the twin stack mod I saw on Bill M.'s Site. Eventually I will add the biasing trim pots to help cool this sucker down. Now I think the amp sounds less muddy and I am happy with what I hear.
 #132520  by BOUKINATOR
Looking for a JBL K120-12 to put in my Blues Jr. If anyone can suggest a better forum to post this in please do!