#129918  by Chinarider1A
I have several small pinholes (not sure where they came from) on my E120. There are 5 or 6 very small holes in a circleI. Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks, Dave
 #130896  by Jack Straw
brbadg wrote:Dab some epoxy.Works great for me.
I was going to say a small dab of black silicone RTV gasket maker, but epoxy would work too. My only concern about epoxy is that it tends to dry out and flake over time.
 #130912  by ugly rumor
Depending on size, try applying a drop of superglue. Also, if there are several small holes, irregularly spaced, you may have a bug or bookworm or something. Find the source and exp[lain the facts of life. Good luck!
 #130917  by Smolder
yep... for super small (like pin holes) issues on a speaker cone nearly any adhesive will do. I like clear nail polish. If they are larger, or cracks, something more flexible like silicone or even rubber cement works, but doesn't last as long. And... in a pinch, small pieces of paper towel or toilet paper can make a workable patch.