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Yay!! Thanks for the great work - and for posting. Wonderful to see.
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Ok boys and girls..... the restoration is done and Tom Smith's fuckery is fixed. The Original neck and bridge pick-ups came from Fred Hammon and were installed by Rick Turner with historically accurate hum-canceling coil and quad that he built as well. Rick also built a historically accurate "Batwing" tailpiece and added the correct Alembic U-channel bridge from 1974. Buttons and LEDs in the top were also corrected. Each knob still does the exact same thing it did from 1974-1979. The bass is MAGNIFICENT, and huge thanks go out to Rick Turner, Fred Hammon, Mica and Alembic, George Mundy, and many others. When the world gets back to normal, hopefully you will all get a chance to check it out! All the best!!!! and Osiris aka Mission Control aka The Osage Orange aka The Omega is BACK!!!!!
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Photos of Doug working on restored Mission Control on Irwin Facebook page. Doug crafted a new pickup ring.